Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Voices in the Head after Wake Sleep Pattern

Last night woke up around 3am and then attempted to try to sleep at 5am. Relaxed my ears, my head in particular in the brain there was a familiar sensation which in the past I could not tolerate. This time however was able to sustain the feelings without fighting it.

It felt like tuning into a radio station. There were so many conversations, male voices and female voices and at times voices in a crowd.

I listened carefully and at some point did catch onto some sentences. Cannot recall them now. It seemed at one point that the voices were very much memories of past existences but the thought was also there that I was picking up on voices of current existing time. However it could be voices of all time or perhaps voices just in the moment being conjured by the mind.

Again there was the feeling that my brain was operating on a very different level, like some connection was being made.

Past few days I've been eating medium rare lamb meat. I think getting all the b vitamins consistently helped to sustain this operation of the brain. Ordinarily anything like this in the past would give me headaches, and in the past I've never had an episode like this where the voices where this clear.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hemi Sync Sleep Wake Pattern Induced Experiences

Hemi Sync TGE Sleep Exploration track helps me to sleep and most of the times I've been generally using it for this.

Recently I was listening to Release and Recharge but not quite consciously doing the exercise. With a bit of mj (which is definitely making me very aware of the sounds in a different way) I tried to listen but was suddenly interrupted from a deep state of mind where the brain waves had definitely change. I was startled awake and could not sleep after that. That was the other day, so I just need to make sure I'm not disturbed during those sessions. During the sessions I'm still getting the auto head snapping from side to side. Usually sudden but not as much as before.

Yesterday I listened to Opening The Heart and during the body relaxation exercise I blanked out. Awakened at 1am. Could not sleep at all after this, having the worst insomnia ever. At least managed to get the 4 hours. By 5am still unable to sleep I end up doing a relaxation exercise focusing on my breathing. Suddenly felt that magnetic feeling around me and ended up opening my eyes with new surroundings. I saw a white iron board or something like that in one section of the room. In front of me is a fireplace. While I'm there I know I'm not in the right room, that this is a different place and not the actual bedroom where I was doing the relaxation but I couldn't remember my bedroom, I couldn't quite remember me. However I knew I was somewhere different and I was trying to remember where I was prior to that, it was like that bit of memory was erased but some remnants of knowing so remained. Strangely the living room was familiar, like I knew this place. Not the living room from this house but an actual living room in a different house was suddenly very familiar to me almost as if I was also from here.

I have had these experiences before, Robert Monroe used a phasing technique to get into these states. He also mentioned a lot about my me-here and me-there. Will have to skim through his books if I have the time. Perhaps the hemi sync is opening up some parts of the brain. The feeling of trying to come back to my starting point, which was the bedroom was interesting. I was trying to squeeze back into where I started from without knowing where I had started from. When I did return back to awareness of my current reality bedroom, brain and head felt fuzzy. Like some kind of energy or power was used up, maybe it was all that effort applied, need to learn to relax more into this.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Herbs that allow the Soul Dance and The Eye

So I have been experimenting with another herb. It's pretty amazing, a part of me opens up like I have never witnessed my entire life.

I don't chase after or expect it as it does come to the surface. In one experience I was listening to The Shaman's Heart, a hemisync music album. My body started to naturally move to the rhythm and the beats, I was dancing in unison with the sounds. A tremendous sense of joy burst out of me, and there was just pure happiness. I was partaking of something that was true, that was very real. I guess this is the euphoria.

I do have a lot of sexual experiences when on this, but again do not chase after it. It's like the entire body has it's own will and chooses to orgasm. I think this is some kind of extraordinary energy.

My most recent experience I listened to TGE Sleep Exploration, hemisync audio and my head swayed in a particular pattern and rhythm as if a part of me was listening to the audio in a way that very different to how body responds to it when in the usual sense of awareness. Almost like I'm allowing something to come through whilst in this state.

I looked up at the ceiling and the beings there became visible to me like they do with Salvia but with something else added to the entire phenomena. There is one light that was bulging with an eyeball, it's form was like an eyeball starting down directly at me. And now even if I'm not under the influence of these herbs I can still see it clearly, it looks as if some part of the brain started operating and I learned to see differently and now I know I can see it so I see it. At the same time when I witnessed the open eye I felt a pressure in the middle of the forehead. In another lightbulb I saw vividly the face of a man looking down. Again all around me just like in Salvia, there are forms that I witness and coming out of the state I can still see it, perhaps not so clearly but can do so if I were incredibly quiet in my mind.

I'll be trying out some of the more advanced hemi-sync tracks with these herbs.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Unknowing

Late night around 1am took Salvia. Here are notes I managed to record coming out of that state. Text in red is afterthoughts for some clarification.

Unknow what is known
You don't exist these things do not exist they are knowledge what is known is in the head.
Everything that we see in life or experience is a part of what is in the mind, thoughts, memories etc.

A certain thing is part of a pattern.
They control a function of something
As example I am detoxing body but they control outcome using my thoughts and expectations
Physically I have certain things releasing (even psychologoically) they’re doing it.
I started to see the forces that controlled everything, the results of my thoughts and actions etc

It’s the knowing. Knowledge that we exist. What exists isn’t what really exists. Everything every one who reads exist as remnants of my mind. 
All things external were internalizing, or I was viewing everything that took place externally, internally. It was like everything outside of me was thought into being. I was thinking of this blog and how I was really in particularly not actually communicating with anyone, it only exists as the mind solidifies it.

What exists is timeless.
What happens to me in my life is in my head
If all knew one would not grieve the dead.
What I say isn’t to be taken seriously
If I tell divulge any secrets to you it is you are the figment of imagination, I am alone.
I have died. Let me be the one to tell you Never mourn the dead, not even the dying.
There is a great sense of peace in this state of pure understanding

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Nothern Lights Prequel

This is like a prequel to my last three posts.

Since writing about my intention to use Salvia whilst watching a pre recorded video of the nothern lights I have been majorly distracted.

Today was so unusual, first my day was pretty bad. I blamed it on heavy detoxing, which has been the case so much repressed anger just shooting out of me. I thought great, definitely iodine detox symptom.

Then I get a letter with bad news, nearly bad news which simply means extra task on the endless lists of tasks I've accumulated.

As if things couldn't get worse I went shopping for grocery and making my way home I was chased by two asshole thugs that I wanted to beat up but couldn't for fear they would end up grabbing hold of the gold chain given to me by my mother. So I ran not for precious life, but the precious around my neck.

I recall when I came out of the grocery the boys were sitting on bars. They looked like teens 17 or older. Definitely like thugs. When I walked out of the parking area, got this unusual sense coursing through my body which happened once when I was young. It's called instinct, and it told me to fucking run! I ran until my lungs pretty much collapsed.

The incident was quite unusual in the way it took place. As I ran away from them they were actually walking, it was their eyes that were telling me that they're after me and that is perhaps what made me run at first. In the path that I was taking there was another path which one could take in order to reach the same area I was running towards. When I saw them on the other path, they wouldn't remove their gaze from me. It was a very knowing like they were onto me kind of look.

The fact that they were on that path so quickly was what shocked me, like they knew where to find me.

I hate to sound paranoid and delusion but I'm sure there is a dark force, and this same dark force can operate through people.

OMG! Trust nobody!
I've also recently from the exacerbated stress started to get drawn to mj.
I think the distractions in the past few days have been trying to deter me from delving too deep into this, for even considering using Salvia to watch those lights and decipher what was taking place.

The evidence is there, it will teach us, show us something about reality that we simply refuse to see. The moment we wake up to these great forces everything can and shall change. My question is how can I reveal it without getting killed as I attempt to do so.

The Truth is really right in front of our very eyes, it's not far at all. Our eyes has to open somehow to see it. This changes everything.

Good luck, to whoever dares to look.

Spectacular Nothern Lights Evidence of the Truth 2

How could it be? Their form so spectular as they move across the sky. The movements of the light is theit movement. Like large beings across the form so hard to grasp. There are many, some who are moving in a certain direction. This is pre recorded video of the spectacular nothern lights but I understand around me more clearly after seeing the nothern lights, as clear as day the Truth is in front of my very eyes. Everyone, as you look up all around you watch at the play of shadows and light, observe carefully, you will be amazed.

I remember the beings around me would always look up now I understand clearly why. I can scream this and shout it through the rooftop. I can literally show this, the evidence is there.

People have done it in the past, these great beings were connected to them. Jesus knew all this it was people who made a religion out of it, for him the process is as simple as this.

That sense is there this is dangerous, for in every age when one awakened with intent to awaken the world and help others rise there was always a dark force lingering to destroy any hope for that happening.

This is no concern at all, as I shout out in awe of the splendor and glory in the sky and trying to grab everyones attention to this, I will be called a loony.

Spectacular Nothern Lights Evidence of the Truth 1

In the nothern lights its them, their beings moving across the sky, their actual forms. The Truth that I can see is everywhere. We've been blinded.

Open your eyes observe

What made us so blind?

I have proof of the Truth about this reality, something you don't see. I have the evidence of what I'm witnessing. I can show you. At least I'm sure some part of your brain has to awaken. They don't want everyone to know.

Today my life was kind of in danger where two boys started chasing me. The entire incident was scary I ran for my life.

I am dangerous, armed with this information and this much they won't let me stay here. People like me who can change everything, we're either silenced if we can't stay quiet or something is done. I know that me in this state is not wanted. They don't want me to know because I can prove what I see. I can see what is taking place in front of me.

To them I am dangerous, the ones who have known I believe their lives have been threatened in some ways. Some force doesn't want me to know and be able to tell the world or anyone.

Anyways nobody will believe me, I'm just a loony right now.