Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Iodine Detox Dreaming of the Future

One detox symptom of the iodine protocol which I've been on for some months now is the dreaming. These detox started early on, however there was a pause and shifts with different types of detox.

The other day I started two seperate dosage. The iodine protocol is very complicated and a great deal of research is required when starting. This guide was helpful.

Headaches have been extreme, I was doing salt loading and other things to help get the toxins in the body moving along. Insomnia which is also a major detox symptom hasn't been too bad since I've been getting some hours of sleep prior to the insomnia but now it is happening every night.

The other night I slept through listening to hemi sync sleep exploration. I woke up and went back to sleep however I was relaxing and able to see through closed eyelids, not in vivid color but the outlines of my room. As I relaxed deeper I ended up dreaming. The dreams were very much related to my life and people around me and mostly the future. I kept repeating things that were occuring in the dream so that upon waking up I'd remember it. When I woke up I recalled it clearly but decided to write about it later, still sleepy so I relaxed more only to dream more vivid dreams.

Later on throughout the day I just completely forgot what I had dreamt and have this sense that when these events take place only then I'll remember that I had once dreamt them.

I think taking the iodine at specific times is having different reactions, different types of detox. I think I will start taking in the evening just before bed and see how that effects dreams. I think taking Salvia divinorum around that time may have also played a part in the vivid dreams.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Salvia Divinorum helps with detox

This is one of those trips I'm not allowed to write about. As the experience unfolded I wanted to quickly jot down notes right here on blogger but my phone refused to operate properly. The beings encountered strongly disallowing the information.

Our ideas, thoughts, concepts and all the opinions we form are too strong  - these things make reality rigid and conformed to a certain pattern. I get this sense from the others that there is no free will. We're made to feel as though whatever actions are performed are done with our own free will, but really there is no free will. The biblical phrase kept popping up in my head 'not my will but Thine be done! I kept repeating this to help recall this just so I could add it here as with Salvia things that unfold can vanish from the mind in an instant.

So what then of sinners and saints? There is a pain under the left ribs which I've felt since yesterday, a horrible pain felt like something congesting. Here in this state the pain separates from the body and I am aware of it as an individual entity. I constantly keep forgetting how all ailments and particular sensations are due to a combination or a pattern of thought. On Salvia I am constantly reminded how illusory and constructed reality is. It seems as though the others have played a trick on me, not by tricking me into feeling pain but feeling as though I were the body.

Head felt like it was on fire, there was too much pressure inside it.

When I am aware of the others things change dramatically. There is a lot I have left out of this post, mostly because they have escaped my mind. I kept getting this sense of my death being plotted by the others, which has happened in the past. The death of what? I was wondering. The body is guaranteed to pass away. What is it that can say I have died?

I felt incredibly sleepy and had to close my eyes. Eyes felt incredibly dry. I think I need to start using Salvia at a different time (used in the evening), also using ear plugs through external sounds is actually not a major problem. I had the led light on from phone, next time want to experiment with blacked out room. It seems Salvia is helping with detoxing the body, for a good few days I was experiencing major detox from iodine protocol which included headaches and body aches similar to flu symptoms which have pretty much disappeared now. Transitioning to the other state is also much smoother now, not as dramatic as it once was.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar Eclipse with Salvia

I decided not to go out and watch the solar eclipse, instead intention was to meditate. Around 8:25am got started chewing. This batch fortunately had  no odd white stone bits and was freshly opened, there was also something different about the smell compared to the other batch.

Chewed very slowly, sometimes pausing. I was moving along in this other state but trying to keep myself from going too deep.

Yesterday had terrible cramps, realized they were behind it. They control all the sensations, motions and outputs. Last night I left a hot water bottle near the left ribs, upon waking around 1am I was in severe pain in that area. Here in the Salvia state I was reminded of all pain and their true nature - I was completely unaffected by all sensations in this state.

I realize I was suppose to focus on the Solar Eclipse, received back communication that this was completely irrelevant. The others that were present (they seem to be entwined with this reality), seemed perplexed why something like the solar eclipse was fascinating. It was like a tennis ball being thrown over a light bulb and there's a momentary darkness. For them it seemed to happen in seconds whereas here it was in slow motion. There was also this sense that as the solar eclipse took place, they were rearranging something.

Everything I was doing, all the latest projects I've been involved with were all irrelevant. Everything born of the mind was truly irrelevant. Everything lost it's importance.

I am a major health nut, always trying to improve my health in some way and even all the research I've done lately lost it's merit.

Looking to the left at the windows and the blinds I felt this area pulsing and felt the sensation somewhere in the mind. Had a profound understanding. Our brain is very much conditioned, I'm not speaking of our social conditioning or what we learn from our parents but the very general condition of the brain. How we perceive through the senses and see the world was all down to the condition of the brain. Not knowing anything was the key to it all, we know too much. Constantly bombarded with information and using and applying that our brain works in accordance to that and reality is simply this information externalized. There's this process where you just unknow everything you've ever known, to completely let it go.

I was in that state where anything was possible, I'm sure I could be in any world in that moment by simply allowing the brain to empty but I kept holding on. I wondered why? Why was I holding on? My projects came back to the surface and everything I was doing, again it was all just a load of nonsense. Yet deep down I knew what I really wanted to do, which was to create the movie that I've been inspired by Salvia  and even that was completely unnecessary. It was clear to see that I was too addicted to this worldly life, without it I don't exist.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Inner Sun Before the Solar Eclipse

Last night had a brief moment with inner sun, eyes closed bright glowing orange slowly emerging closer.

Yesterday I was discussing solar eclipse and found out a few stuff. Children from schools are to start earlier in order to avoid the eclipse *apparently* for safety reasons. The adults are purchasing solar eclipse glasses to protect their eyes which are currently in high demand.

It's all pretty sad! So much fear and commotion created by mass media but all started by ******. If I didn't know any better, whoever got this started had no interest to protect your eyes. In fact the whole point of the fear mongering in regards to protecting your eyes is so that you don't see what you have the potential to see and what better way than to make people wear glasses right?

Unfortunately even without glasses, by staring directly at the solar eclipse you still won't see what you have the potential to see. It seems to require a different kind of sight, fortunately for me I'll have my Salvia handy.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Memory Recall and Phantom Arms

Last night listened to open the heart hemisync track and then sleep exploration, once again sleep exploration allowed me to fall asleep. I was awakened at 1 am then back to sleep then awake around 3 am. Some time after 4am relaxed deeply, this time rest my head on a high pillow.

The room started to get etched out with my eyes closed so that I was staring directly through the eyelids.

There were odd sensations and then things started to appear, mostly. I recall seeing a mobile phone screen at some stage. There was a memory being recalled, something which may have happened in the past but right now my recollection of it is terrible.

There was this very odd sensation that I can't seem to describe and soon enough I felt something raising up and to be a part of my form. I focus on this and seeing both arms raising up. This continued to happen several times. I don't think these were my actual physical arms, it felt more phantom like.

The arms were constantly forming a kind of circle. A swift upwards motion and curving then gently down. At one point my right arm moved down and hand rested on left side of chest. Something like this has happened before and my initial thought was I was being  possessed, when the hand rested on chest I once again had this thought. As if addressing my concern the right arm moved away and carried on with lifting upwards in a circle.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hemi Sync Update

I've been listening to some of the hemi sync audio tracks but not as often as I would like. Recently have listened to Sleep Exploration track in the evening mostly because it actually helps me to fall asleep. I do end up having vivid dreams but in general sleep very well because of it, having said that at times I feel insomniac. Sometimes waking at 2 or 3 am and unable to sleep after that but strangely have not felt sleepless.

In a recent session the head shaking started again this time feeling majorly different, it was less aggressive and felt like things are settling down. I should also mention that for a long time now, maybe about a year I have felt the neck and skull structure changing so much that if I move my neck around I can hear and feel so much crackling. Have not been too concerned that this could be a disorder, it seems maybe I need to give more time to the automatic head movements. I have read from a few sources that by not giving into these movements it just creates more complications. With hemisync the head movement feels more controlled, allowing the movement during these sessions come naturally and feel easier mostly because I'm relaxing whereas throughout the day during my hectic schedule I tend to block these things out.

Another session going deep with the hemi sync audio I felt energy all around me, it was stronger more obvious than ever. There was a very magnetic feeling about it all.

I listened to it again yesterday, but instead of falling asleep halfway through just as Monroe counts up to 20 I felt an urge to pull the earphones out and fall asleep resting on my front side. I do recall at some point during this session I jolted feeling as if something inside of me fell down suddenly.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Dreams and Salvia Update

Recently have tried Salvia buccal method, forgot to write about this. It was bitter and I think probably out of date or something as it tasted off. Still ended up going deep with it enough so that something was revealed. I recall others telling me about the process through which experience is born. It was a major A-ha moment but have no lost all memory of it, seemed important that I remember it.

Dreams have become very vivid. I dreamed recently of an apocalyptic scenario, where everything felt too real. There were these vortexes or holes all around outside with people being sucked into it. Everyone screaming for their lives.

In another dream baby nephew fell out the window and I grabbed his leg pulling him up trying to save him.

Another apocalyptic scenario where a new type of bug, some really weird looking fly flying about biting people reducing population.