Monday, 26 January 2015

Bat in a Dream

Had a dream which was much like a false awakening where I was in bed, still dark out. Window slightly open I see what looks like a black bird trying to get in. I got scared and shooed it away. It went away then I awoke then slipped back into that state, this time it had got in only it looked like a bat. I let it in without screaming (I think) it came directly to my face and entered the forehead almost covering my vision. I recall getting my hands and trying to grab it and fling it. This ended up creating flickers of smaller bats or remnants of that one bat.

It seemed to have done something to forehead even upon waking felt something different. Lately pressures in the eyes.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Recalled Memory or Just A Dream

Last night listened to Hemi-sync TGE Intro to F10 twice, second time around 11pm fell asleep during hemi-sync audio. I felt pressures in the forehead that felt completely different to what I was used to. Interestingly there was a part of the audio I think I don't ever recall listening to where Monroe mentions in order to recall any memory from the past to place a finger in the middle of the forehead and the memory will be recalled. I have never done this.

Had a very vivid movie like dream. There is a woman and a man, both are looking in front of them what appears to be in a distance, a billow of clouds - some kind of formation. Both have partners in there, it is supposed to be a world. The woman's sister is in this other world who is the partner of the man next to her. She's looking into this world where it looks like some other century - the clothes worn were almost Victorian but the era seems to date way back before then.
She sees that her sister is frantic where they live in this world, it looks as though something really wild was going on.

The man looks at her not at all concerned with what was going on with his delirious partner. He began to say that he has an idea to fix this all. He tells the woman next to him that the matter is really simple, he's going to change something about and all of this will be over, if it doesn't work out he will undo it. He enters or disappears into the cloud formation as the woman looks on. She sees the changing, or morphing effect of the clouds. At some points it was changing into someones face, other moments it was forming modernized buildings. Looking on curiously she waits for the moment when it's complete and begins to enter the cloud formation until she is in the world she very much recognizes. It would seem its Earth or some version of it. She walks in to the mansion where her sister seemed to be going frantic. Inside she finds her sister and tells her what her partner has done. She goes on to say that he changed things so that all those who were in love would find each other in this world, as cheesy as that sounds. It seemed to be a solution to an incredibly grave problem they were facing in this current world. Suddenly there was a sense that someone was outside and the sister who just arrived opens the door but quickly keeping her distance.

The door creaks open very slowly, this moment is intensely like a thriller movie. They are expecting something slightly afraid, it was like they were used to unusual unexpected things to take place and were expecting the unusual in this moment - dreading it. As the door finally opens completely there is a man who appears to be wounded. With his left hand covering his bloody wound on his chest he falls forward to reveal the arrow that had pierced through his back.

Both sisters are stunned and emotional, they begin to cry and feel completely helpless to help this man who they seem to know very well. As they watch him die I slowly begin to wake up.

What a way to end a dream! Just right at a cliffhanger moment. So I woke up around 5ish am trying my best to go back to sleep so it would continue. I was curious, like wtf happened next?! Unable to sleep I was thinking about the clarity and vividness of the dream. It was so brilliantly real as well as cinematic. A few thoughts later and then it hit me, everything I was doing, the recent material that I was reading, the purpose of using hemi-sync. This was no ordinary dream.

A while back I read an article where the memories of our ancestors were stored in our DNA and how we had access to them. Just recently as my sister tried to brainwash my nephew regarding how religion brings people on the right path and this prophet said "this and that" I challenged my nephews thinking by telling him that we cannot believe what others have said and that a lot of the things that the holy books teach as right and wrong are simply common sense - I mean it's common sense right not to hurt others, to steal etc. And we know that some things are just completely backwards, the stuff that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. I then spoke of how our brains have stored memories from perhaps the beginning of time which basically means that we have access to all those times spoken of regarding prophets etc. Another material I've been reading is a discussion between Krishnamurti and David Bohm (The Ending of Time). They discuss a new kind of human being with regenerated brain cells, which I feel was perhaps the original human being that initially existed until things messed up.

It didn't take too long for me to realize that this dream was a recalled memory. Somewhere in our history there was a point, or perhaps several points where there were a handful of people who were able to do what these dream characters had done, which was by some ability change the story of the world. To shift and direct it at a particular angle. As I pondered it some more I wondered if that were the case it would mean that something somewhere had gone very wrong. The people encountered in this dream seemed to have had good intentions. After that the rest is just guesses, one guess is someone who had bad intentions and not considerate of the benefit of the entire world had figured out what these people were up to. Perhaps greedy, selfish, corrupt or lost had figured out what these handful were capable of but started to direct things at a wrong direction, hence the world we live in today.

I know, it's crazy right?!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Eidetic / Photographic Memory

5htp supplements have made me feel quite sleepy much earlier recently but only once it's dark out. Interestingly it's given me a form of insomnia. Not bad at all or causing headaches, just long gaps between my sleep routine. Today I was awakened just after 2am could not sleep after this. I did lazy stuff like play around with apps on the phone and make to do lists.

By 6 am I decided to relax for a bit and with closed eyelids noticed a screen in front of me. It was my phone device only blown up to several times its original size. The screen was exact replica of my phone with the same kind of apps. The screen was moving, as if each screen was being swiped just how it works on the phone.

At one point I tried to control the movements by willing it and I think it worked but can't recall this part clearly.

It soon turned into the familiar astral incident that usually occurred in the past in this sort of state of mind. I was sinking downwards where it was going dark.

Will continue with 5htp supplement but maybe experiment relaxing more when I have these wake up insomniac periods.

Interesting this should take place only a few days after I had someone talk to me about photographic memory and people with this ability.