Thursday, 28 September 2017

Nicotine Dream Of Man Singing Tragic Love Song

This dream is very familiar, similar to the dream I had about an old man singing a narrative song. I'll share link of that dream soon (when I find it). Last night I had half a nicotine lozenge (1mg). I also managed to get a few minor scrapes around my arms and hands moving boxes about and ended up using iodine to treat these. Iodine in the past has induced vivid dreams via painting on skin and ingesting.

In this dream I am an actress performing some act and having conversations with actresses I am familiar with. The scene changes where I'm watching a woman in a short white dress on a gloomy day with rain showers, dancing and singing but can't recall the words.

Soon enough my perspective changes where I am blending into her and entering a different scene. There is a man standing in front of me introducing himself by singing. The narrative is very interesting and as he sings it to me I seem to be re-living the scenes. Through the song I visualize him in love with his black car, to him it was a beauty. He adored and admired it because it was his own work of art. I see him literally stroking his car lol. Then he tells me about his friend who had tampered with his car because of his love for me or the character I had assumed. She had been jealous for a really long time which he did not realize. I begin to picture the scene he is singing about until we are both actually there, in the car, both of us inside. Car swerves and crashes.

There was regret in his voice revealing that he wished things did not turn out that way. At the same time he was trying to convince me of something. I am jogging through my memory (dream memories?) where I recall not receiving the kind of attention I am in that present moment. He comes closer to me and begins to kiss the base of my neck, instantly I feel a strip of my body coming to life, it was illuminated. It was almost as if that entire time I was actually invisible and only beginning to form a body with the kiss. Another kiss and another strip of the body illuminating. There were romantic feelings involved and soon enough I woke up, immediately registering entire dream sequence.

The nicotine is causing some insomnia, I've been on the phone browsing before falling asleep, also I'm not using the blindfold which helped previously. For the nicotine only some nights I plan to use the patches with iodine painting.

At this point in my life I'm going through some changes but nothing major or tumultuous, keeping an eye out on my dreaming to see what they reveal.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Nicotine Patch Experiment for Dreams

I am going to use lozenges only during night time as during the day I seem to be developing a dependency.

Last night I used the nicotine patch. It's the highest dose 21mg and may not have been right for me, not sure yet as I am only using for the first phase of sleep as opposed to throughout the day. I have definitely been dreaming more. I don't think nicotine increases dreams rather it helps to store the dreams in the memory bank for a longer duration so that upon waking recall is easier. In fact my wake up is almost like a quick transition between dream and reality. Whereas prior to nicotine use this rarely happened. I would really have to think through to recall dream events.

Unfortunately the dreams are pretty boring, they represent daily ordinary life in different settings. I only once dreamed of people I don't know since using nicotine.

I used the nicotine patch and listened to opening the heart track (hemisync) which usually helps me to sleep.
The dreams after using the nicotine patch were very clear and vivid, very life like and I was around people I know. Dreamed about harvesting in garden, lots of veg especially eggplants hanging off vines (I think egg plants don't grow on vines). Interestingly eggplants contain nicotine which I already knew when doing my research into nicotine.

I woke up around 3:30am and took the patch off. The nicotine was on my arm for a total of 5 hours, I'm sure any longer and I would have thrown up. High amounts are toxic especially for someone who does not smoke. It was still dark I should have nodded off but insomnia was difficult to deal with. It was only at 6am I decided to have 1mg of nicotine and relaxed. Then some more vivid dreaming, this time I think I accessed some childhood memory or my mind was recreating a scene that I may identify as my childhood.

I am going to write up the dreams some other time which are pretty boring but may have some significance to me if I can decipher them.

For now all I can report is there is definitely a difference in the ability to recall dreams using nicotine. For me this works if I use the nicotine before bed. Patches do not make me feel as sleepy as the lozenges possibly because patches are slowly released over time and require up to 24 hours to effectively release the 21mg.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Nicotine dreams update

I am still taking the nicotine lozenges, sometimes I've had around 1mg during day at moments when I feel I need something to relieve anxiety, seems to work.

I've been taking 1mg before sleeping and then once I wake up in the middle of the night another 1mg. Dreams are very vivid. This morning I woke up from a really upsetting (made me cry in dream and sad once awake). Again related to real life. In the dream my sister was suffering some kind of trauma, I tried to calm her and then myself trying to figure out what happened to her. This was kind of like a nightmare, a very emotional one.

Other dreams seem to be about Sil, someone I have a hard time getting along with in reality. In the dream we seem to be getting along. I am dreaming about Sil nearly everyday. Maybe I should use this as my dream cue.

I've also dreamed about my cat who died years ago. 

The dreams are very consistent and they make sense. Nothing strange and unfortunately nothing entertaining.

So far I don't believe I have been lucid, just good dream recall. I'm using small dose and amazed at the progress and recall ability, will be trying the nicotine patches soon.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Nicotine Dreams

I haven't smoked a cigarette in so many years but had the habit as a teenager and young adult. I needed at least one a day. Eventually stopped in my 20s when it was just no longer worth the coughing that would follow.

Just recently I've been observing during hot weather people smoking heavily, it is quite odd. Out in the streets it's like being inside a chimney. The smell of smoke is not exactly pleasant and I try to not get annoyed with smokers. I can usually smell tobacco from my neighbours garden or if family use in the garden and immediately close the window because I now try to be as kind to my lungs as possible. Second hand smoking is a real annoyance especially after years of successfully quitting.

After doing some research into tobacco I have found that the nicotine in tobacco can be helpful especially for enhancing cognitive function and improving memory. I went to my local shop for some lozenges or gums to start an experiment with nicotine.

As I scanned the shelf another woman stood next to me. She began to scan the shelf and quickly grabbed more than 10 boxes. She was kind enough to heed to my request of leaving two for me. My first use of the lozenge was not at all pleasant. Immediately I felt a slight tightening in the throat, too much nicotine in one go, 2mg to be exact.

I did feel different once at least 1 mg dissolved but nothing quite like a true smoke. So the past week I have been taking about 2mg per day splitting each lozenge in two and taking each piece morning and evening.

I noticed that I prefer the effect of nicotine in the evening, really paves the way for a relaxed mind for deeper sleep. The dreams however have been anything but relaxing. They are vivid and have a lot more details or I am recalling them more accurately. Some dreams have a very prophetic insightfulness to them. They are not too bad or nightmarish and are related to current life and people. Upon waking up I clearly remember all the details however I cannot recall them during the day. Another thing that I have noticed I am able to wake early and once again return to sleep if I wanted to.

Unfortunately the lozenges contain other ingredients that I would like to avoid ingesting. Next time I'll try nicotine patches to avoid the additives and cut it up to reduce the dose to avoid nausea.

Here's two interesting article about nicotine and it's effect on dreams