Saturday, 19 August 2017

Salvia Insights of Bird planes, Memory loss and mutated DNA

I went to the park without planning my intentions. I actually needed to get away from home, from family gathering, pretty hectic time.

I just randomly thought I'll take some soaked salvia. When I got to one hill, where I once used the salvia I just sat there for the longest time. Snacked a little not feeling yet I was ready to take the salvia. This part there's lots of people walking and running so I would not get the privacy I needed.
It was really windy. There were clusters of dense clouds, at times when the cloud would move away from the sun I would look at the hill, the light starts at one point and slides up the hill like an opening curtain.

The birds started to gather on the bottom of the hill. Ravens or crows.

Watching the birds flying, they seemed to enjoy the high winds. I watched and observed one only lightly flapping its wing and then allowing the wind to glide it. Almost like a kite (I did later on also watch a kite in the air).

I was eating some bread and gave some to the birds and then thought about just getting some more from the shops for the birds and hopefully by the time I was back it would be less windy.

It was less windy. I found that the hill was occupied so I went to another spot. Much better and more privacy, at least I hoped nobody would bother me. It's not easy going to the park without getting some kind of unwanted attention. I think it is for this reason my paranoia seems to increase when taking salvia in the park.

Finally when I knew the weather was warming up and the winds had calmed down I swooshed mouth with some vodka and then chewed about 1 1/2 tablespoons of salvia (it was crumbled and soaked).

About 5 minutes and I felt that nothing was happening, maybe because the salvia was soaked for several hours. I observed everything around me, the birds were croaking and I fell into a kind of reverie. I watched the birds and a helicopter pass by. A long time ago maybe when the dinosaurs were around or a time before that. There were large birds able to carry people on board, but as the scientific mind began to evolve all these birds were taken apart until they became extinct. Such a long time ago that we would not even hear it about it in this day and age because for one; even if bones were found it cannot be known that their main function was to carry humans.

Helicopters and planes are a replication of these creatures. I'm not making this up, this information came to me under the influence of salvia. It would seem that a lot of technology is a replication of technology that already exists and as humans we are simply replacing these technologies with artificial and inefficient versions.

In one moment I glanced across and the thought came into my head about Jesus. I remember reading somewhere (can't remember if it was the bible), Jesus said to his disciples to bring various herbs and place it near his body. God used the functions of these herbs to restore the body of Jesus. Who else would know other than the One who made the earth and the sky by what mechanism the human body can be restored.

I glanced at the lake where there ducks, swans and geese swimming. Just beyond the lake people were doing a barbecue and I thought about that word and where it came from. bar - be - cue back in the days it must be that sentences were short. 'bar' like a counter in a pub where people wait, 'be' meaning to be present, 'cue' doesn't mean to queue up but represents this word. I don't know but my mind was working on a different mode.

The smoke from the barbecue seemed like it was choking the trees. I followed the smoke and saw a face made up with the leaves of the trees watching me. Everything all around in that moment knew I was present and the creator of everything was with me. I kept asking how we have forgotten everything about the past, how the stories about history are actually incomplete. We know in previous times people use to recite hymns, parables and teachings and this information would be passed on. But there in that moment nobody passed these information on to me other than the one who created the space all around. I do recall reading in Anastasia Ringing Cedars Series about a creature in our past that almost flew but something happened where it did not come to pass.

It would seem that the One that created us would instill in us appropriate ways to deal with the world around us. So many animals already becoming extinct and exploitation is more rife than ever before. But some people do realise this and try to protect what precious we have left because they understand that we, or at least our bodies are dependent on the world around us. Humans were created this way. To live in nature and comply with the laws of nature. We have environmentalist and activists all currently exposing themselves to great danger but for the love of this world they are willing to take those risks.

It all seemed so natural, that this was the way it was always meant to be. To be aware of our creator and the one who gave us life. But why have people forgotten all this that is so fresh in my mind? and I know that everyone has access to this awareness. This powerful awareness and presence all around me at that moment. The answer was immediate, in the earlier days when people had this awareness they began digging away at the earth and making stuff from it. There was exposure to all kinds of substances. Fast forward millions and millions of years and today we know nearly all the developed countries are running on capitalism. We've changed the natural world so much that our DNA has mutated and as a result memories are not accessible. People of various religious denominations resort to their teachings not knowing that there is a scripture locked inside their own DNA waiting to be unlocked.

People are sort of confused and in a daze, so much that some conspiracy theorists who are saying that this is done by an elite group to keep the masses under their control seems plausible.

Aluminium is a mineral people are heavily exposed to. It has been linked to Alzheimer's and is a massive problem in this day and age because it is literally everywhere. I have known about aluminium for a while. I have been eating food and drinking apple cider vinegar in water high in malic acid to remove the excess aluminium as well as avoiding aluminium (cookware, deodorants etc). Excess aluminium will get stored in the brain and cause all kinds of memory problems both short term and long term. Even current scientists are figuring out ways to eradicate certain memories that make people unhappy. It was only a few weeks ago that I decided to get on board with the malic acid. I am also doing other heavy metal detox.

So even though I feel I can access this awareness simply using Salvia and it is all I have to do to access information about our history and learn from the One that gave us existence - it is a very short term experience most of which becomes a distant memory.

UPDATE: In one instance when I felt the sun heating up I realized and understood what hell is. Hell is when there are no clouds, the sun intensifies and all that is on earth will be set on fire. I was able to perceive in that moment that for some reason such a thing could come to pass. A long time ago people called this hell, today it is referred to as global warming.

Global warming will be like hell on earth. Even in my everyday life I have been aware the changes in behavior in certain people when the weather has intensified. Especially the latest terrorists attacks happening during this summer season. Some people seem incredibly moody, many smoke tobacco or drink a lot more in this kind of weather. The tobacco tends to calm people. There's also a high amount of aluminium in tobacco.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Naturally Increasing Melatonin for Dream Activity

Sleeping with an eye mask will increase dream activity. For me I've had to use a piece of fabric for comfort and it has been working. It's interesting because I didn't intend to do this for increasing dreams, it is something that became like an urge after I found the Better Sight Without Glasses book. I am still trying to make a habit of practising the exercises found in the book. 

About melatonin
"Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland , a small gland in the brain. Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles. ... Melatonin supplements are sometimes used to treat jet lag or sleep problems (insomnia)."

Although I don't have problems with insomnia, covering eyes and even making the room pitch black is really making a difference with the quality of sleep as well as increasing dream activity. This is amazing and all without taking supplements. Another thing I have doing is staying away from artificial light after dark. I'm not sure if it is just this however as I have taken one other thing during past few weeks but will exclude this to see if there is a change.

I'm still getting the dreams, I think in the past few days they would have been more entertaining had my mind not been so preoccupied with other things and going through a little bit of stress.

Another new thing I am doing is staying away from aluminium exposure. Too much aluminium in the body can be stored in the brain causing memory problems which is why it is even linked to Alzheimer's. Having a good memory makes it possible for better recall of dreams. 

I probably will not take melatonin supplement as too much of it can pose a risk. For now I am happy producing it naturally.

I am reading about cases of people who have photographic memory as this is exactly what I would like to now achieve for dream recall.  I will be restarting some of the dream inducing supplements soon to see what happens in combination with this technique.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Living Trees

This dream was one of those vivid breathtaking adventurous cinematic dreams. I'm thinking it was induced by taking extra measures to block out light. Thoroughly entertaining dream. I'm looking out somewhere in the dark seems like a forest or a jungle. Suddenly a tree begins to move and I watch it walk, run and fly in mid air propelling itself forward from.

I am in awe of what I'm witnessing not knowing that I'm in a dream. I am in a different area of the forest where I witness another tree in the middle of some kind of fight, at first I wasn't sure if it was a play fight. There are other trees around this particular tree. Branches emerge out of the trees like arms and are almost punching the head of the tree in the center. The branches go through the head of this tree and a liquid kind of substance gushes out.

I'm a little startled of what I'm witnessing. Soon enough one tree becomes aware of my presence and they all freeze as if to hide their secret; that they are able to move around and navigate reality like humans. The entire atmosphere had the same feel of Pan's Labyrinth.

I'm standing there asking the trees why they are still, telling them that I saw them play just a moment ago. Then one tree starts to open it's eyes, something I didn't notice earlier. And then it spoke. "Sorry but we didn't know that you spoke to our father" said the tree. Startled by this I woke up.

Light blocking dream activity

Lately I have been using an opaque fabric covered over the eyes. Not exactly eye masks I've tried before. This is a lot more comfortable, no pressure around the head.

I'm also blocking out as much light pollution from neighbors building so that room is now pitch black. This has improved with dream activity immensely. Also have not been using the phone so avoiding all light emitted from electrical devices.

Past few days that I have been doing this it has increased dream activity as well as lucidity. I also had a very nightmarish type of dream which was disturbing (demon possessed dream of a sexual nature). On a more positive note I am sleeping a lot better.

Other dreams are very normal dreams related to reality and life situations may seem boring but the dreams seem to be predicting a future outcome.

In another dream there was a sequence of scenes with the main theme where I was losing consciousness or fainting.

I have also not taken any B vitamins or supplements for a while for inducing these dreams.