Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Intention Manifestation - Land Reflections

One of my recent intention has been to acquire a piece of land and I've never in my life been so inspired or moved in the way I am at this time. I'm realizing more (ever since asking for a clearing of any blockages concerning guidance) that things are unfolding more clearly for me. Though I haven't thought through all the details I have a clearer picture of what I really want.

First I knew it intuitively that certain changes at this moment are not only desirable but necessary especially if I want to improve the quality of my life right now.

Since I've had the intention I've been getting a lot of external reflections of my inner process. A huge part of this intention has been reflected in dreams, in the physical reality I'd hear people in mid conversation about land and people who've dreamed of cottage in the countryside. The biggest reflection was in a conversation I had with my brother. I did not bring up anything about land, in fact I was just listening to him ramble on. Suddenly out of the blue he tells me about how my mum bought several parcels of land for peanuts outside of England, something I learned for the very first time and now after 2 or so decades the profit is just unbeilavable. This news came shortly after I couldn't quite decide where I'd like to move to since I'm not sure about remaining in England.

So far I'm taking all these as a sign that I'm on the right track.

I made a list of the different countries where I intend to get this land but I'm still rather picky - very uncertain about the location. In the mean time I'm drawing up other plans until I can come to a decision.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Flashing Visions and Tunes

Last night slept earlier than usual. Relaxed and comfortable a soft subtle sound began to fill my mind, a few seconds later I realized someone was humming inside my head. I recognized the tune as a hindu worship song, instrumental rather than actual singing in words. Opened my eyes and the sound became low. Closed eyes and a vision of gnomes appeared, several in a row. Their face featureless yet I sensed they were smiling, I myself was smiling as their presence made me feel warm.

Opened eyes for a brief moment then closed eyes and again more visions, more music playing in my ears. The visions were of several people - all these people looking very cheerful. In particular I remember seeing a japanese man, in a traditional outfit, a young looking sage. His face zoomed in filling up the entire field of my vision, I observed his very meticulous looking mustache and beard. He looked well groomed. I realized how crystal clear the image of this man was becoming, almost as though he was really there. Though his smile was infectious I was too overwhelmed by the clarity of this vision, snapped my eyes open and then I was thinking too much which may have blocked the visions and sounds from unfolding.

I'm not sure who this man was - someone from a past life or a spirit guide. I think somehow making time for connection with angels and devas could be the result of this. There's also more phenemona taking place, such as flashing lights. The other day as the flashing white sparks of light occured I noticed a larger spot of steady white light (orb) moving from the left of my vision to the right. I followed it until it disappeared.

I'm going to label such experiences as 'The Clairs' from now on as these visions are related with clairvoyance, clairauidience and other clairs.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Awakening God-Like Qualities

Recently solely via clear intuitive guidance and inspiration I've bought books on angels, nature spirits, herbs and magic.

Reading through "Archangels And Ascended Masters: A Guide to Working and Healing With Divinities and Deities" by Doreen Virtue, instead of asking certain deities for direct assistance with the task at hand I asked that those same qualities be awakened within me. So yesterday afternoon I worked with the two goddesses whose qualities I felt necessary at the time for effectively creating what I wanted, the 2 goddesses in this case were Abundantia and Lakshmi. I also asked my spirit guide team members (angels, spirit guides beings of love and light) to assist me in anyway that they can so that I may be able to channel the divine qualities that are my birthright.

Went into a deep altered state while at the same time being aware of physical movements in my body - my brain was literally shifting. 45 minutes and my head weighed tonnes and I felt so heavily sleepy and drowsy. Mentally I was fully awake, my body required a lot of effort to shift and I tried to just give in to sleep. As I moved to sleep on my front side my body snapped awake, normal functioning returned and the drugged feeling wore off.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Reality In Reverse

Some day last week before bedtime I put forth the intention for my dreams to awaken me within the dream, so that I may begin to take control and direct the dream consciously (Lucid dreaming).

I started dreaming a lot of upside downess of my current reality. In these dreams there are a lot of things in reverse. For eg. in one dream I was getting off a bus and decided to check out the library. This library was changed dramatically, all computers were on the ground floor where in physical reality there are bookshelves on ground floor and the computers on the top floor, plus a small museum. I headed upstairs giving some thought to the dramatic change however I accepted this change simply because I have not been to this library in a long time. Once I got upstairs there was a lot of strangeness that were definite signs pointing out to me that I was dreaming, for eg. there was another set of stairs which were upside down, completely in reverse and a series of writing spiralling upwards. Had a series of dreams like this but still just did not get the hint.

I started amping my intention and now I am beginning to act out these dreams in the physical reality. Yesterday morning I was dreaming that I was eating some kind of soup from a tin and I've stopped eating tinned food for a long time now, a hint to wake up I guess. I look at the rim of the tin and notice a moulding fungus growth, out of revolt I head to the bin spitting out the remaining soup left in my mouth. Continuously spitting I wake up to physical reality, on my bed spitting out on my pillow.

My intention for the next attempt is to program a certain anomaly which I will recognise as a symbol to help me realize I'm dreaming. Haven't thought of what this anomaly will be but when I get time will ponder it some more.