Monday, 29 September 2014

Dream Recall Improvement

Interestingly past few years my dreaming slowly came to a halt. Either I was not dreaming or recall was bad. Recently supplementing with lugols iodine by painting on skin. So far I'm recalling dreams so vividly, unlike past dreams. I've read that dreams are an initial sign of detox. It's not bad at all, in fact this is one aspect I seem to be enjoying.

I will experiment and make some adjustments so that I'm not waking up from these intense dreams around 4am.

Iodine supplementation requires lots of research, there are several additions required in order to handle the detox and quite a lot to take in.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Hemi Sync Constricted Pupils

I think hemi sync is doing deeper work within the brain, perhaps with the addition of other physical factors.

Yesterday evening I listened to Opening the Heart, I clicked out and came back to ordinary consciousness as the audio ended. Eye lids were heavy, this time I quickly got up switched on light and checked eyes to find that my pupils had constricted. Something feels very different deep in brain as I re-emerge from these 'Click Out' states.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Iodine and the Pineal Gland Connection

I have been painting iodine on skin on and off using the lugols iodine solution. I was a little afraid of using it mostly because of all the known detox symptoms that occurs with use.

Last night I restarted again. I was supposed to only get 3 or 4 drops on the sole of my feet but somehow too much poured out. I didn't wipe it instead went with the amount on there. Within 30 minutes the stain disappeared. According to my research this would suggest that my body is majorly deficient in iodine.

As the body gets more sufficient in iodine the absorption time increases which is good to know so I don't over do it.

I then later felt a major pressure inside forehead and what I'm assuming is pineal gland. This is the same location where I've experienced other sensations. Last night was intense and it was like that part inside my head was concentrating a magnetic force.

Also my body temperature began to soar to the point I was starting to sweat a little.

So far I have noticed it's giving me some very interesting dreams. This morning dream was amazing and I woke up vividly recalling it. If this is a detox symptom I certainly don't mind.

But generally I've noticed that my dreaming has either stopped or my recall is just bad until this morning.

The Salvia State without Salvia

I ponder this a lot, especially whilst I'm in this very special state. It is such a dynamic state and the greatest difficulty is in describing it. To me it feels like all the body senses are fully operational and at the same time other senses are awakened. In past earlier experiences I used to go deeper without focusing too much on the body and have been to other places as well as going too deep that everything was too incomprehensible to describe. Now the focus for a while has been with the body, there is still something that I feel needs to be unlocked.

When in that state there are some balancing problems which indicates some kind of physical imbalance.

Each time I find my self in that state by using Salvia I wonder how it is we don't naturally have that sense and awareness. Could it be a cause of lifestyle and the many distractions we face on a day to day basis? Have we become so immersed in daily activities that we can't see what's going on behind the scenes? or is this fogginess for that specific purpose?

One theory I have in mind is that the human body is so severely polluted just like the external environment and this blocks these senses from being used with greater capacity. At least the body needs a cleaning. The environment definitely needs to be purified.

The human body is some kind of machine, a powerful instrument but only when it is in working order. I think it can do so much more in a whole and full state of optimum health.

Recently after feeling an extreme low I gave in to eating take away, I think on a personal level that I am not being true to myself and this is causing major emotional lows. The last time I had eaten this crap was a year ago and that was because of another low. I eat crap when I feel like crap. I then suffered what felt like severe food poisoning. On the second day I realized I had all the ingredients for home made remedies specifically for food poisoning. Slowly got better. One of the remedy included the use of lugols iodine. I started to read more into this as I remember I only purchased it for removing moles and a scar and decided to start painting it on the skin. One day decided to chew a bunch of Salvia leaves, usually after taking Salvia these types of ailments disappear (only sometimes it gets worse before it gets better). I went through the usual transition, with eyes closed and sometimes opening I felt a new energy greeting me. I knew instantly it was the energy from the iodine solution. I get this a lot on Salvia, meeting and greeting energies that I can identify belonging to a part of physical reality. Another example of an energy system that I've encountered is that of a storm, simply put everything in our ordinary daily life is part of an energy system.

This particular energy from the iodine seemed to be getting ready for something. The next thing I know it is doing something in the throat, then on the side of the neck. I relax as usual trusting these things as I'm used to it. Not sure about what was going on but I imagined that the energy with other energies of the body were trying to correct something as is often the case. Later on that day felt a tightness in my throat, like it was closing up.

If I knew what was going to happen the next few days I would have thought very carefully about taking iodine drops, clearly as I did not do enough research. But I think whatever has happened was for the best and sometimes these procedures can feel like hell.

The next day after incident with iodine energy, I woke up in the morning with a part of my throat  feeling stretched and more open. I knew there was mucous caught up and it had to come out, so I stood above the sink and it did come out, effortlessly without a single cough or struggle. It was the effortlessness of the amount of crap coming out that was incredible, as disgusting as this image must appear it was amazing. I started to wonder about this iodine energy and started painting more near my neck. The next few days coughing became necessary to bring out the remainder mucous, major headache and flu like symptoms. Worst of all was the labored breathing and very unusual heart palpitations.

There were some times whilst bed ridden I could hear more intensely the sound of my heart beat playing musical notes, a melody that seems very familiar from a Salvia trip. This is the same music I heard when I felt other energies carrying me away from the world that I know into some unknown, which felt like my funeral (the physical me).

I tried to listen to it but the coughing was not helping. This has all got me thinking deeply and I'm starting to realize more and more why we are not aware of the actual things that are taking place around us. There are several factors, I think they are mostly our physical health, lifestyle and the many distracting thoughts. When these are corrected and balanced that state will slowly become natural.

Also I feel like I'm being constantly guided, things just work out in such a way where I can make connections. Everything comes together and just aligns perfectly. I'm becoming increasingly aware of this.

As an experiment I'm going to put myself on a protocol to properly balance all the imbalances and take it from there. My intention is that this will induce an organic Salvia state without using Salvia. My future posts will probably be based on the protocol.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hemi-Sync Head Movement and Clicking Out

Yesterday evening listened to Opening the Heart (1) hemi sync track. Did not feel like listening to The Gateway Experience wave tracks.

I relaxed and after the resonant tuning simply letting go but thoughts randomly popping up. My head turned to the left but instead of rapidly swinging left and right it stayed in this left position. Then head moved a little bit to the right until finally it centered. I thought it was odd my earphones which are very loose stayed put with these rapid movements. Head moved step by step to the right. Eventually opened eyes and second track had just started.

This morning awakened from some vivid dreams and there is some other incident that took place only I can't recall it. In one dream I'm in a water zone with several dangerous shark like creatures lurking and I'm trying to avoid them.

I was reading through some of my old journals and a pattern I've discovered is I end up always quitting the hemi-sync because when I get deep usually something blows up externally for me, or some pressing matter requires my attention and so don't make time to practice. I don't think I will have this problem this time round.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Hemi-sync Brain Change Dead Eyes

In a few recent hemi-sync sessions, there has been some interesting changes in the brain which are controlling the feeling in the eyes.

I think something deeper is going on inside the brain cells. Eyes tend to go numb but in a glued position, when opening it feels very dead which is the only way I can describe it.

This is something that happens to the eyes when I take Salvia, the same sensation only with hemi- sync it feels more pronounced. With Salvia it used to feel like it was part of the process of body shutting down. Can't recall if something like this happening in past sessions.

Just yesterday I opened eyes during an Opening the Heart session, was tempted to look in mirror but with deeper sensations in the brain seemed near impossible.