Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Bay Window Beings

Having many vivid dreams lately except the following dream was beyond what I am used to, it was too real. The most important thing is how comfortable I felt in this vivid vision. I have been incredibly relaxed lately, taking some time off and free from anxiety and consistently taking the vitamin b complex with extra b6.

After waking up at 1am then back to sleep by 4 or 5am. Scene changes vivid dreaming. I'm relaxing and above me Rs bay window and ceiling is pulsing with life. Faces emerge, with black string like drawn hair. They look like cherub babies. Laughing giggling without much sound. I am so happy to be in the presence of these creatures. I feel as though I know them. They seem like friends and I do not feel threatened. At one point how they morphed was disappearing and then they emerged again.

This time gestured with left hand for them to come closer to me. Suddenly I thought what if I get scared with them so close to me. I hear little steps running close behind me and think niece who is a toddler got up from sleep. I try to open mouth but I'm paralyzed. She mumbles. I feel like she's afraid especially if she sees me in this paralyzed state though I know it's just sp. I say her name and she says yes. She sniffles. I'm really worried and move hands shortly snapping out. Awake I see that my niece is not actually in the room. I look at the curtain, black borders and cream part and it's a bay window. It was all this that morphed into that scene. I think reality is just as morphed but something makes it real to us that we think this all is the real. This experience was also unlike any lucid dreams or astral experiences, this time the experience was too vivid it almost mimicked reality.

So now that these are scenes morphing from one to another is there an original and if so what is it? Is it all just in the mind, a conjuring of images animated? If it is in the mind. Then what is the mind? Are the eyes simply a projector for images? All I know is that was a very beautiful encounter where I felt naturally happy as though these cherub-like beings raised my vibration. I wish to be in their presence again.

At times I have been taking the vitamin c powder mixed in food and other times in juice taking breaks some days. Have been consistently taking NAC.