Sunday, 16 February 2014

Updates on Recent Salvia Trips

I have been exploring with Salvia a few times now both quidding and extract, have the experiences documented but not publishing for the time being. Being in that space I see why some things should not be spoken of, it seems when I'm there I agree with the beings. I shouldn't talk about what gets revealed. There's also the usual body works, mostly have been feeling intense pain. Most recent pain in kidneys and this was with quidding.

I do however have an urge to let some things spill, having written so much regarding these explorations want to share. In all my time with salvia I have learnt so much more than I did in school.
The teachings are about important things, real things.

A brief overview of what happened recently, I was there in that unexplainable Salvia state. It was stormy outside and soon enough was communicating with the ones behind the storm. Their presence was magnificent, very powerful. Opened eyes I sensed they were drawn to just near my bedroom part, getting louder more ferocious. The storm was just as much aware of me as I was of all the energies around me. But coming closer I could feel the impact it could have had on part of the building. As a result I found myself almost yelling at them to stop.

Another thing, and perhaps I'm a little concerned about this, I did a little exploring with MJ and had an incredibly heightened powerful surge of sexual energy. As the experience deepened I was in contact with bliss, so much that I felt as though I was this bliss.

For past two days now I've been having these sudden spells where the room is slowly shifting and it feels like the onset of an MJ experience. With the recent Salvia experience the shift carried forward from this sudden spell. Either MJ hasn't left my system or it has activated something which I think could be a bit premature at the moment or it is something else entirely.

One interesting thing that is also occurring are the stuff in between sleep state. The other night I had some trouble sleeping. Then closed eyes heard music and I kept trying to remember whether I had my mp3 player on. Because it was so real I felt like I did. The song was changing to sounds that were having some really adverse effect on the brain. Then I sensed a presence coming closer, one that I'm familiar with. I felt like my forehead was touched and then a cover placed over me. Suddenly woke up from this, startled by the clarity of the experience, just as real as right now feels.