Monday, 29 August 2016

Some more dream updates

So I haven't been taking everything that I needed for the dreaming but am consistently taking the b vitamins and l-theanine, sometimes 5-HTP. I am definitely having more dreams or becoming more aware just recall is bad and I think that's because I have so many preoccupations I instantly forget the dreams. Another issue is I'm just not sleeping early enough.

L-theanine is doing wonders for stress and anxiety. I don't think I could be without it anymore. I listened to hemi-sync last night and that puts me to sleep.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

L-theanine detox dreams and Salvia thoughts

Had the l-theanine supplement, possibly around 300mg and the b-complex last night as well as 5-htp. Had a few very vivid dreams but I think what is important is that I had better recall than usual.

I recalled a dream related to cousin and her family as well as sister. I always attribute any dreams related to cousin to do with some kind of major change. This is a cousin that I haven't seen in forever yet they do not live too far. In the dream I dreamt of sending her a letter, in another dream my sister was trying to get rid of me from her house. Only her house in reality belongs to cousin.

I need to take the supplement much earler around 6ish pm so I fall asleep earlier since lately I have been going to bed after 11pm.

A thought crossed my mind today about L-theanine and it's use with Salvia Divinorum. I think because of the relaxing effects of L-theanine in conjuction with Salvia this can produce some interesting results.

Here's a quote about brain waves:

"Theta waves (3 to 8 Hz) occur during sleep but have also been observed in the deepest states of Zen meditation. Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz) are present when your brain is in an idling default-state typically created when you're daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation."

L-theanine produces Alpha waves in the brain. I should be very excited about this, but I think I took way too much of the L-theanine last night.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Dream Supplement L-theanine Update

So it is day two now since I started taking L-theanine, I am dreaming more but recall is still not so great however this supplement is doing wonders for my stress and anxiety levels. Felt an amazing mental clarity, I don't think I ever felt so much clarity like this before. It has stopped racing thoughts and also resolving insomnia issues - I think this is perfect for trying astral projecting, just need to work out the correct dose and what works best for me. Today I woke around 4am and took it straight away while relaxing I should have focused on my intention to astral project, so I haven't been putting the intention through.

One dream I recalled this morning was about dogs. There was a variety of dogs and I was avoiding each one. I ended up somewhere towards the end of a lane with a duvet where I thought there were legs of a dog but it was an imprint.

From the top of my head dog symbolizes protection and loyalty, as a totem this is probably what it represents.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Dream Supplement Experiment with L-theanine

I have just got started on the L-theanine from yesterday but need to get a digital scale to make sure I am measuring it properly so not sure how much I'm even taking at the moment.

One of the main reason why I'm taking this is because of extreme levels of anxiety and stress, so hope this calms the nerves. I also have some remaining 5-HTP which I plan to start taking only every other day.

I have done only some research but have discovered that L-theanine can cause vivid or lucid dreams. I absolutely love dreaming especially the adventurous cinematic dreams so I'm hoping this has some effect. I plan to take at night time before going to bed since it helps with sleep.

I'm curious what kind of effect this would have with an entheogen such as Salvia as in past use of this helped increase effects of whatever I was consuming.

Before going to bed I'm going to set some dream intentions. I plan to take the L-theanine in conjuction with the WBTB method as I tend to wake up a lot in the middle of sleeping usually after 3am which will be the time to take it as well as before bed time. I am aiming for a dosage of 200mg before bed and 200mg if I wake up any time after 3am.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Dream Supplements

The following is a list of a few dream supplements, herbs and other stuff I am taking or planning to include which I will continue to update:

Vitamin B Complex - includes Choline
Iodine - (seems to cause detox dreams)
Raw Potato Starch

I am not taking these things all together and some are part of my detoxing routine. I am also doing other things, focusing on healing in general. What I'm noticing now is that physical healing helps us tap in to energy centers we are unable to when unwell. My health is very standard but has improved a lot. In my experience it seems dreaming is very much related to physical health and well-being and I have experienced quite a bit of detox dreams.

For a certain period since the time I have become extremely occupied with many activities the dreaming sort of halted. It could be because I lost interest in this area due to being so occupied (work, life, stress). Some of the supplements I am now taking are also to help relieve stress and anxiety which seems to be an ordinary common side effect for modern day living.