Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Making Changes

Since my last post where there were many insights into the nature of being I've been wanting to concentrate on it more. However, general normal worldly stuff gets in the way. For a few days now things have gotten increasingly turbulent. It's almost as if the closer I am onto something the more magnetic and even problematic worldly affairs are. It's like the function of the world or something is to keep one astray from that state of mind.

I try to manage the stress but honestly can't believe the amount of stress and strain I have found myself in a matter of days.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Body machine

Following are quick notes I made just coming out of salvia trip and this is probably going to be how my future salvia posts will be (the parts in brackets are things I've added after salvia worn off):

The body high tech device 
Has features unused (body has potential to be used in a certain way)
Produce baby - they're making the meetings causing this and that secretly all producing babies have this goal in mind it's the energies around us (there have been a lot of births in my family, but in general birth rate increased from 2014, also babies I've been around seem a lot smarter)

Force around it (the body)
Imagine what body can do with full charge full force
They're coming through body like full force charge (I felt a force around the body, a kind of charged feeling, something was also funneling through the head)
Body feels like a high tech machinery, so many features 
Baghavad Gita story makes sense the offering and focus on Krishna nothing to do with worship or God or religion - man makes religion (I read this at some point and have notes on only what seemed intriguing to me which were the instructive parts of the story where Lord Krishna explains things to Arjuna)
It's about focus about concentration 
The world is easily distracting (desire, dreams, hopes, fears, worries etc causes a distraction from this state)
By offering duties all actions to that Krishna in story it was about focus on that force, the force isn't self centred or craves attention - it was always about focus, by not focusing on it we go astray- worldly living and endless desires are all distractions (Krishna in the story is like a symbol for this energy which really is difficult to describe with a name or some avatar shrouding it with ideas)

Body is instrument for this energy, a force so great, too great for one body 
The tiredness and fatigue everything it's them, it's because of them but also me somehow. The sudden wanting to drift off and fall asleep is them, brain sometimes feels to switch off.

They can actually do something to the body to make it reproduce without direct insemination, yes think Virgin Mary stuff here.

I'm writing this after salvia worn off although it's never 100% worn off. I took Salvia late in the night/morning. Instantly I could feel how quickly worldly affairs was pulling me away from these truths, as the salvia was wearing off or should I say as I got distracted by focusing on a project and even stressing a little. I witnessed how quickly and easy it was to stray from that level of awareness, where there is a tremendous amount of clarity.