Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Ordinary Sounds Converting to Musicals

I woke up early again today around 4:30 which seems to be something that will be happening throughout the winter period.

By 6 I closed eyes and tried my best to relax. Dosing off I can hear a sound coming from across the street. Heard a machinery type sound so I'm guess something was operating, it felt strangely loud this time maybe because I was more relaxed. The sound seemed to be coming from something that was taking place outside. Slowly the more I relaxed it changed, sounded like a kind of calling in a very singing choir like tone.

This reminded me of a visual experience I had of certain beings where upon coming back I noticed how a part of the table beside the bed could have very likely distorted in order to form what I was viewing. This morning incident seemed to be happening with sounds.

Some thoughts are just clicking in my head and now I have to ramble.

If what I'm seeing or hearing is a conversion of something, then what is the original thing that it is converted from. In other words if the visuals and auditory hallucinations I get are just a conversion of what is consensus reality, then what is consensus reality? If what plays off consensus reality is hallucinatory in nature, I feel the same applies for consensus reality. It makes perfect sense to me.

If memory serves me correctly Advaita Vedanta explains that reality is neither real nor unreal. I think this simply means that on one hand whilst everything appears real and does take place it is also not real. All of reality is subject to change, there is evidently the outward constant change. I am referring to the constant change that happens every moment.

I recall reading something by Krishnamurti, it went something along the lines of 'there's nothing, but that nothing is everything'.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

An Experiment with Spoons

This is a sort of law of attraction type experience, I say this because my views on law of attraction have changed somewhat over the years.

I was searching for ceramic spoons for soups. Finding overpriced things online I decided to check out local stores.

I checked enough stores a few times not finding any ceramic spoons whatsoever since metal spoons are more popular.

One day shopping I was in an unusually good mood and for no particular reason. I decided to send out this positive energy towards the people I passed by, the trees and to all things surrounding me. Sending positive thoughts to others around you makes for good therapy.

Before I entered any shops I decided that today I was going to find those ceramic spoons, it was settled in my mind that today it was definitely going to appear. I ended up in one shop where there wasn't any and I've looked here before. Then made an entrance to another shop where again there was no visible ceramic spoons. I turned around ready to exit this shop but got this sense to go back and look again. Standing in one spot contemplating nothing just staring at this spot. A woman accidentally hit me on my left foot and started to distract me with her constant apologies. I assured her that I was fine.

After a moment of this I put my hands in at the back of one shelf where you really can't see anything. I'm not sure what possessed me to put my hands inside this space but I started to feel something and pulled it out. It was wrapped up in paper but there was that knowing feeling what I was about to unwrap. I grabbed a few more, nice ceramic spoons in many different colors.

Seeing that there was no specific price tag I asked the manager for the price. He told me these spoons come with mugs but they seem to be missing so offered 5 of the spoons in my hands for 50pence.

As he walked away I started to observe around me, there was an employee stacking the bottom of one shelf . Customers walking by. In particular as I watched the manager walk away I felt how the entire incident seemed to be set up, this was all scripted. It's an awareness that is hard to describe, that knowing feeling was there. I've had an incident like this before with the same awareness present and that knowing feeling of what it was all about.

I know that I can command greater things than spoons, but the more interesting aspect is figuring out how it all really works.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Morning Visuals

I woke up early around 4am, lately since the days have been going shorter I feel sleepy much earlier and wake up a lot earlier. This is not a good cycle, I think probably has something to do with detox. Next time instead of waiting to fall asleep around 4am I will simply start my day. This has definitely happened a lot in the past, especially on days I'd have involuntary astral projections/OBEs.

Around 6am I relaxed and tried to sleep. It was completely dark but I started to see through my eyelids. At first I could make out faint outlines but not sure what I was observing.
The space around me seemed to morph. The more I relaxed my concentration things changed rapidly. I felt lights encapsulating me. There was that familiar red orangish flame like shade as if I were directly staring at the sun.

There was some minor brain orgasms.

I think that flame color is the sun, an internal Sun. It represents fire and this same fire has a cleansing effect. 

Monday, 3 November 2014

A quick smoke

While I wasn't intending to smoke Salvia I did. It happened suddenly and only because I was actually annoyed about something.

This time no metal screen, I think that might have been causing some issues. I put a bit of plain leaf then added a pinch of extract. I needed several hits, could not hold it in the lungs long enough although it was not at all harsh I was concerned I might have another episode of phlegm expulsion from lungs which the iodine seems to activate.

I went to that other state of mind pretty fast, the others present. There's this sense of friendship and then this feeling of worship. It baffles me each time when I'm in that state how I lose it and forget the actual.

I recall the pain felt in last experience and how they were the ones actually behind it. I didn't know why they induced that sensation but on this occasion I was excited with their presence. I wanted to do something for them. I decided I want to cook something which I was planning to cook for dinner anyways but I wanted them to experience it.

This time in that other state I felt more balanced. Heading out the room and downstairs it was wearing off.

I'll be meeting someone fairly soon and will be trying Salvia with this other. I feel like I've connected so well with this person. In one of my question and answer session which I'm certain now is with the 'others' I've encountered with Salvia, or perhaps long before that, they seemed to not want me to meet this person. I had to go through a series of questions in order to uncover the why.

I feel my mind expanding and the shadows are moving but it feels normal.

Sunday, 2 November 2014


I have a salvia post called Optical Illusions which is saved as draft, for some reason I don't want to publish this.

The Salvia is doing something to my liver, I felt incredible sharp pains around this organ. Fortunately after using hot water bottle pain eventually disappeared. Pain was so bad I don't think I want to take Salvia for a while.

The iodine protocol which I've been doing for several weeks now is going fairly well. I have been having some incredibly cinematic dreams which I believe are associated with detox as well as third eye chakra.

The involuntary head movements have reduced in intensity since eating lamb meat again and including other omega 3 sources such as sardines. There have been a few occasions where head has moved but not as intense as before. The question and answer sessions with head nodding yes and no seems to be a lot smoother. Just yesterday had one of these moments where I felt the urge to ask a question and uncovered something that I should not do, which I was planning to do - apparently really bad for my head at this stage. Recently a few days I've been awakened and suffered bouts of insomnia where I end up falling asleep by 4 am. On one occasion I didn't fall asleep, just relaxed and deep inside forehead, pineal or pituitary gland moving like crazy, almost vibrating at the same time felt like brain orgasms.

I have not listened to hemi sync as much as I hoped but intend to keep practicing as often as I can. I have been having some amazing synchronicities, they have changed in some ways. I feel my gut instincts are much stronger and there's this sense of being guided.

An incredible incident occurred whilst at a local shop recently. It was related to spoons but won't go into details just yet. While at the shop I felt the whole thing being set up. I am unsure how to describe this sense, it just washed over me, the entire incident was fabricated. I felt like I was seeing the inner workings of this fabrication.