Monday, 19 September 2016

Contact with Actual Person in Real Dream Like State

Ok so these experiences are so absolutely crazy and freaky. Lots of panicking going on because of these types of experiences but still intriguing.

I awoke around 1:40am and for next few hours just focused on washing some dishes left behind and various other cleaning till I felt sleepy. It was much later around 5 am when I decided to just relax but just before getting into bed I had taken a concoction. Niacin, b complex, inositol and l-theanine powders mixed in water (the dosage varied for each).

It was easy enough to let go and let sleep kick in. I suddenly opened my eyes, vision was blurry at first just like when you wake up from a long sleep. I'm trying to make sense of my surrounding because I do have a very drowsy feeling still. When there was some clarity with my vision, I noticed that I was with someone I'm only seeing briefly. I don't really see him properly but sense he is on the other side of the room and I cannot turn my head to look at him, can't recall if this was due to paralysis. Then it seemed he left for a moment but there was a young man just at the edge of the bed and when I looked at him he looked back and slowly started approaching me. I get this unusual sense that he has some kind of sexual malicious intent because the other person I knew had left the room. Naturally I panic and with all my force try to snap out of it.

Back in bed (reality). I calm down thinking it was just one those crazy realistic dreams or sleep paralysis nightmare. I close my eyes again and this time I keep my body slightly turned to the left and now I see the person I am acquainted with and am shocked he is there in such vividness as if he were really there and I was there with all my current mental faculties in absolute shock. I kept wondering in my mind how he was able to be there.

He seems different, more confident, stronger yet dark and controlling. He begins talking to me and I hear his words clearly. After this the experience turns very sexual and soon enough I awaken. I kept thinking either it was actually him, in his spirit form or something and then I thought it could be those wild beings I encountered taking on the forms of people I know. And of course then there's that theory that it was actually just a dream, a very intensely vivid dream.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Auto Breathing Awareness

Last night I slept very late after 3am. After I laid my head on the pillow and closing my eyes within a minute my breathing went into auto mode. This is a very interesting thing that has happened often when I experienced the kundalini energy. When I think about it breathing is on auto whether we are aware of it or not. So maybe it was my level of awareness was heightened particularly in the sleep state because that is a state we are hardly aware of anything. The exhalations were lengthy, and each time I felt it I snapped out. The more it happened there was a feeling of lightness, almost similar to the sensation of coming out of the body and I'm sure I could have had an OBE / astral projection of some kind. It felt like my body was being taken into control by something else when the auto breathing started.

I did take L-theanine during the night, this time drinking it with sparkling water as well as the b complex vitamins.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Caterpillar in My Ear Dream

This was one of those dreams that left residue sensations upon awakening. I dreamt that something was in my ears and it was being pulled out with a tweezer. Was not sure if I was pulling it out or someone else. In the dream as it was coming out I felt a vibrating sensation in right ear, probably tinnitus. It was a yellow hairy freakish looking caterpillar.

Again dream recall has not been all that great and I know it's mostly because of being so busy.

I'm not sure if it is the l-theanine but when this takes effect I get the same fluttering sensation in my peripheral vision. I don't think the l-theanine is enough to help with dreaming, better suited for relaxation. However will still be experimenting with it.