Tuesday, 15 March 2016

States of Mind in Meditation

Yesterday I listened to a few old chakra meditaitons that were collecting dust. Listened to three and my injured arm would suddenly jolt, there were a few jolts of the entire body. It was very relaxing.

I might be trying out the whole astral projection thing I used to be able to do. Early morning I had an opportunity but for some reason these times I'm super alert and awake ready to start my day rather than relax deeply which is what helps me to project.

I'll continue to listen to the occasional meditation audio but need to go back to deep diaphragmatic breathing and focusing on third eye meditation.

The Truth About Psychic Abilities

I had this thought a while back but haven't really come down to writing about it. Long time ago, just before I dabbled in occult, metaphysical matters and started getting into astral projecting I was curious about psychic abilities, ghosts spirits etc. It was fascinating though I never quite believed in these things.

I don't want to say that my opinions have changed regarding the subject when in fact thoughts regarding it has evolved and I never really had much of an opinion. Understandings come to me in flashes now, I just have to think about a subject and I just know and understand things without having to so much as google it. Almost like the mind has a built in search engine. The understandings are more like knowings and they come naturally as part and parcel of whatever my thoughts are dwelling on.

The thoughts came to me when my sister expressed her interests in reading energy and psychic abilities. She had an experience where she knew her colleague was going to leave, soon enough this came to be. I questioned if she believed that we create our reality or reality just happens to us. It was something for me to think about because I have dabbled in the Law of Attraction and have manifested things. The answer in short is: it's both. We create and have the ability to predict because infinite possibilities exist and deep down all knowing exists about everything.

I was thinking about mediums who were able to communicate with dead people. Based on my salvia experiences if people are not real then the dead people seen are like the ghosts of well imaginary beings that were like ghosts anyways.

In some sense mediums are actually not communicating with the spirits of dead people instead they are picking up vibrations from other people.

Example: Sally's mother has passed away, Allison is a medium who picks up on Sally's vibrations and connects with Sally's mother but she is actually picking up on thought patterns, vibrations that are being emitted by Sally. You see Sally's mother is a part of Sally's vibration and thought patterns. And all these vibrations and thought patterns are like residues in the great big mind loaded with ever expanding content (data, information). And you are here on this page, reading this post as a result of that.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Post Head Injury Brain Charge and Kundalini Activity

I had a head injury last weekend (was attacked in an unbelievably horrendous manner). I have survived the incident and am in recovery mode. Experienced some minor memory loss.

Lots of blood loss, I think the blood loss happened for some kind of reason. This is going to sound unusual but I've been detoxing for a while and it's possible that a lot of toxins have been floating around in my system. While in hospital I considered what if the incident (as well as a severe blood loss incident last December) was planned (by the One who dreams up this entire reality) in order for blood loss to remove floating toxins. God works in mysterious ways.

After the incident, first two days falling off to sleep I'd catch myself smiling, a very happy smile and feeling at peace whilst drifting off.

This morning when it was still dark I felt a presence behind me. The encounter was very sexual though no lust present. Presence reminded me of someone I'm currently seeing.

Had the mula bhanda experience, tailbone rattled and then there was a charge in the brain, pulsing electrical sensations.