Sunday, 28 July 2013

Nutmeg Second Experience

I took a higher dose of nutmeg on Friday 26th July. One large and two small nuts ground with pestle and mortar. I mixed it in with two mashed bananas and 'tried' to eat it like pudding, despite it not tasting too bad it wasn't exactly chocolate and with each bite I wished I just added some cacao powder. Had it around 9pm during fast break time. Ate more food and then after two or three hours the effect was somewhat felt as the odd bodily sensations.

The next day is when it took full effect. I got up dizzy, and fluttering vision walked in the hallway, went toilet and then I was feeling incredibly faint. Everything slowly going blank, my hearing diminishing. This is something that happened once during a major food poisoning where I walked down the hallway knowing I was to lose consciousness I dropped to the ground. This time round I did not want to cause any alarm and headed for the bed where I just dropped. As I rested there was an electric sound. All going white in front of my eyelids. Head was screeching and there was that familiar drilling sensation accompanied with the sounds. A few times I got up nearing loss of consciousness headed back to bed with the same sensations. Eventually my brain or head region was frying, literally sizzling it was on fire. Ears were smoking hot, I just felt hot air moving around in the head. Feet also did the same thing.

Some point there was a waving of the mind and an inner wave and I was causing and controlling it. 

The automatic movements due to deeper energy works was more vigorous. It seems that nutmeg has amplified my current condition. I just kept sleeping after that. Just like morning glory I don't think I want to try this ever again.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Nutmeg Experience

I have been doing some reading on others experience on nutmeg. Nutmeg has many health benefits but in larger doses acts as a hallucinogen, please note that in extreme high doses it has proven to be very dangerous.

I intend to take a small dose today just to get an idea of my level of sensitivity for this.

I might mix it in a melon smoothie and some banana yoghurt and some in a juice.

I have been fasting all day drinking some water only. The active chemical  in nutmeg will take time before there is any effect.

My sole intention is to see how the experience compares with my salvia divinorum experiences. If they are similar then I know that the same part of the brain is activated.


I grinded one large and one small nut -  not sure how many grams but I think it would roughly be about 8 or 10g. It had a very pleasant smell, I chew into some of the bits and it had a very unique flavour - I loved it. I was expecting it to taste almost as gross as Salvia. I mixed in some blended melon smoothie and this concoction was the first thing I had after the fast at 9:06pm.

After that I ate some more food. By 11:30pm I started to feel a buzz. I was sitting watching a paranormal show sis has put on. Then parts of body fluttering, there was a wave sensation under my feet and the movements in the head are quicker. Headed off to bed, stared at the sky. Thick clouds illuminated by moonlight. Visible faces in the sky. Fell asleep watching many lightning flashes. Awakened around 1:30pm to a sudden flash of stormy rain, this was spectacular and I watched amazed. Once storm had abated I got back in bed, relaxed. My left ear pressed against the bed, music coming from somewhere, felt like from somewhere within the body then it felt like it was coming through the duvet. I was experimenting, lifted head up and it was complete silence, then again ears pressed down the music was there with some low singing.

At some point eyes closed I perceived myself to be some kind of wave. My brain had this sense of motion. A wave spreading over.  Body auto movements are rapid, and I have been feeling very sleepy. Early morning the brain started heating up, it felt like hot air moving around within my right ear and steaming up in the brain.

I feel I need a lot of sleep and rest now.

Update: following day mouth dry and feeling slightly dizzy, fluttering around eyes and visuals are strong, next day effects are wearing off.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience - Release and Recharge

As I played this track I recalled that it was about releasing problems and certain issues but in the session Monroe asks you to think of the first fear that comes up and soon you imagine bubbling it away. Going through the manual now the method is used for the purpose of releasing and converting self-imposed emotions. Something that I absolutely must do right now.

I thought of the issue that I'm having with some people it has been on my mind past few days - 2 people to be specific. I don't want to drudge my personal life here but maybe it is time to record these and see how hemi-sync effects these areas of ones life. So I was hoping that with this track I can bubble away my issue I am having with A and S, in particular with A, started session at 6am.  The emotions that have been piling up in this situation is one of anger and serious frustration, there are more people involved but I find myself in the middle trying to serve justice, be a savior to one person involved. I sometimes think to just let it go not get involved but cannot tolerate it any longer.

In this mornings session I got deeper into F10 but clicked out, then I had an interesting false awakening where I was looking at my mp3 player and title of one of tracks read 'osom' or something like that. Soon I have another false awakening where A is involved and a kind of drama is unfolding much like it does here in physical reality, however in the false awakening I'm handling it a little better.

Upon returning to C1 the track was beginning again as I had set the player on repeat shuffle.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience - Advanced Focus 10

Around midnight listened to Advanced Focus 10. From count up to F10 to count down to C1 I clicked out. It could be that I listened to it rather late that made me click out - will experiment during other times when I am not tired.

Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience - Introduction to Focus 10

Hemi-Sync: The Gateway Experience from 'The Monroe Institute' is a collection of six albums called 'Waves of Change'. The purpose of the audio is to develop expanded states of awareness. It uses a process called Hemi-Sync which is short for Hemisphere Synchronization. The audio sends seperate sound pulses to each ear and creates a third sound called the 'Binaural Beat'. It is never an actual sound, but an electrical signal created by both brain hemispheres acting and working together.

 After my session with Orientation played the next track 'Introduction to Focus 10'. The Focus 10 level is also known as the Mind Awake / Body Asleep state. Compared to my hemi-sync sessions in the past, as Robert Monroe may put it, there has been a new variable. This variable is simply a very powerful energy that is activated within the body, an energy commonly known as Kundalini. My head was constantly rotating, as I type here it is still rotating and body doing other things. During the session a million different things were going on. As I breathed in deeply for Resonant Tuning my heart was beating as if full with all that I was breathing. Going deeper suddenly the energy is straightening my back with a jolt, there are some blockage feeling in right thigh. Deep inner tissue massage going on - it seemed more focused on the right legs. There was also that vigorous head shifting left and right as if shaking something off.

For me it seems rather than entering the mind awake / body asleep state I have reached a state where the mind is awake and the body seems to be more awake than ever before. I am not at all going to try and fight this, rather I think it may be a very good thing - hemi sync audio and that powerful activated energy system. In fact it was in my earlier days with Hemi-sync that this energy made itself known.

Hemi-Sync The Gateway Experience - Orientation

Listened to TGE first track orientation. It has been a while and once again I hope I commit to this. It is really hot today although I'm feeling the heatwave so much like most people I did feel the body temperature was not ideal enough for total relaxation.

Orientation is an instruction of what to expect during the entire series, clearly describing the hemi-sync audio technology with a demo. Robert Monroe guides you into Focus 3, which is the first basic level where Hemi-Sync starts to have an effect on the person.

I felt relaxed at F3 in todays session, felt tingles on cheeks and compressions around the face. After the session ended decided to listen to Introduction to Focus 10.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Brain Imaging

My dreams have been getting more vivid lately. I have been keeping an amethyst and crystal quartz just above my head when sleeping, rather than under the pillow maybe this is doing something. This morning had an experience where after dreaming re-emerging into full waking consciousness I observed in the physical just above the bedside table part of the wall and bits of the table forming a face in motion. Watched it for a while until the more wakeful I got the less it moved about.

This made me wonder that everything that is seen with the physical eye is an interpretation - an interpretation of the brain? the mind?
My guess is that something does change in the brain, and the image that gets formed is an interpretation of whatever part of the brain is activated. Most people generally see the same thing and the interpretation of the image formed is always the same because a huge part of the brain is not activated.

The other day as I held my baby nephew in my arms, I let him chill out without trying grabbing his attention observed his movements. Strangely he stared at the ceiling a lot, kept moving his head about as if something was flying about in the room and for the longest time laughed at some entity completely invisible to me. I imagine the images that were formed with his little activated brain are the same type that I had undergone with Salvia Divinorum. Although right now it's shut down and I don't see them (I see the parts of beings that make up physical environment but not their motion, they are still images) some changes are taking place in the brain, something is occurring here. This brain interpretation is not limited to images, there are also sounds, sensations and smells.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Monday, 1 July 2013

Astral Projection Experience - Body Magnetism

Just relaxed, focused between the eyebrows. Suddenly that horrible sound was felt as some kind of pressure in the ears. I tolerated it for the sake of APing. I raise upwards, things go blank and then wall appears again. This happened a few times, found myself in different places only right now my recall is terrible. I remember at some stage I was in an unknown room where there was a basket hanging on the wall. With my arms which were clearly vivid I touch the material but hands go through.

A while of this and found my awareness back in the body on the bed. Something was going on with the legs, a magnetic feeling pulling them upwards. I saw what seemed like a faint aura. At first I thought they could be the physical legs as they were solid but they felt so light and bubbly. Forced the movement downwards and then consciously tried pulling them up hoping to get this body fully out.

Looking up on the ceiling the 'others' were huddled up in a form of cluster. It could be they were helping me or they were just there doing their own thing - not sure. When I returned to the body fully felt sleepy but at that time the memory of the experience was much clearer than it is now.

Prior to this experience I woke up at 2am was up for about an hour using neti pot and doing some other cleaning choirs knowing it was going to be tough sleeping. Before I went to bed I did have the sole intention to astral project. Did a bit of reading on the subject and then got ready for the projection. No method used, just third eye meditation and remaining aware. Kept an amethyst and crystal quartz under the pillow.

For next time must keep pen and paper handy to jot down keywords in order to help recall experience.