Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Hulk In My Dream

Early this morning recalled a dream where I was in a shopping complex and there's a man who pops up several times. I see he is getting aggravated by others on each occasion he turns into the hulk. I recall trying to get him to use his anger constructively. When I woke up felt like this was some kind of message for me, when I think about it past two days I've been getting quite irritable.

My dreams are getting very vivid lately or it could be my recall is better. Not sure if sleeping south is doing any good as I have also started the third eye meditation which may be the cause for these dreams. Some nights I have had visual experiences before falling asleep where I'm still very much awake - images forming with eyes closed eventually has got to the point where I'm seeing lots of scenes and people that I sense have actual physical existence. This sort of stuff also occurred when I practiced the third eye meditation about two years ago.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Third Eye Meditation

Strangely over the past two years I have had incredible difficulty meditating - can't seem to do it, I have completely forgotten what it was like to have an actual session where I've consciously meditated unless there has been a change that I can't identify.

An eg. this morning I was trying to let the body relax naturally and as this occurred there was an energetic kind of movement within exuding from within the body, like a magnetic force quickly snapping out from the center. Somehow this explains why I'm unable to meditate as I did in the past can't explain at this stage. Last few days I decided to try the Third Eye Meditation, it has been a very long time.

Here are Krishna's instructions:

Attention between Eyebrows,
let mind be before thought.
Let form fill with breath essence
to the top of the head and there shower as light.

The usual forehead pressures and sensations are present when I practice this and I have managed with this particular meditation, unfortunately so busy that I haven't had enough time to give third eye as much 'attention'. According to the explanation by Osho 'attention' is food for the third eye, the more attention you pay to the third eye the more you are feeding it. I slept through last night practicing this meditation and early in the morning had a Salvia type experience. The experience itself was sexual in nature, this time round I was not entirely aware of my physical body but the consciousness 'I' was in another body experiencing what they were experiencing.

I will keep up with the third eye meditation and see what happens with this.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


When I attempt to meditate I observe my head rotating (usually clockwise) which occurs 24 hours. I have this tendency to eventually zone at and then when I'm back it feels like so much time passed by when really it is usually 10 or 15 minutes. I am going to try at least now to begin with 15 or 20 minutes once again.

Vivid Dreams and Intense Sounds

Past few days I have been having very vivid dreams and able to recall to some extent - I haven't bothered writing them down but they are related to life stuff. This morning just before I woke up there were sounds of someone banging the window or door and I sensed it was from outside the garden. This sort of stuff happened a lot about 2 years ago and during the kundalini process slowly they started to wear off. I don't think it has anything to do with the sleep direction as back then I slept head pointing north east. This is my take on what this could be: I think just before I woke up in the physical body, consciousness was hanging about somewhere external where the sounds were taking place and coming back rapidly into the body and the ears were registering the sounds. The sound was quite intense almost like it was taking with me as part of the incident. I felt last night I slept in good conditions, in a peaceful state of mind uplifted by good vibrational thoughts on things that are going well for me. Also I requested the body to awaken at a specific time so that I may practice AP. I woke up around 5:30am, was hoping it would be around 4am.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pointing South

Last night I went back to sleeping in the south direction and remembered that initially when I began exploring astral projections and altered states of awareness I slept southwards. I slept a bit too late so could not wake early enough to attempt AP.

In general regardless of shifting body direction I am recalling dreams. The dreams are related to life stuff. I want to explore sleeping southwards for a while and see what it does for astral projection.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Getting a bed-lift

I have been thinking about changing my bed about so that it is pointing either north or south will experiment with both directions. At the moment it is pointing north east and sometimes I sleep on the opposite side facing south west.

I do recall once when I was sleeping so that my head was pointing north I had many third eye related visions and imagery.Another thing that I need to get changing is the gradient of the bed - need to position it so that blood flows downhill to the brain.

Had an interesting dream this morning which was related to my bed, a therapist was at my bedside giving me tips on adjusting my bed so that I'm sleeping more comfortably.

Hopefully the end result of all these changes will be more rested sleep, a charged brain and lots of astral projecting.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Using Crystals for Astral Projection and Well Being

I am experimenting with crystal therapy. At the moment I'm focusing on crystals and gemstones for astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Today I used an amethyst stone placed on the location of the third eye. On my pillow above the crown of my head I pointed a quartz crystal and simply relaxed, requesting  any present energies to help open up the third eye.

When I relax my head rotates clockwise, it is some kind of energy and has been happening for a long time now, getting stronger. Other usual things happened that have continued to occur over the past few months now. Head shifting left and right vigorously. I feel with the stones there was some difference in the way the force was moving today. I eventually zoned out and when I returned it felt like so much time had passed when in fact it was about 15 minutes or so.

There was some pressure on the forehead which I gathered was from the weight of the amethyst stone, but now as I sit here writing about this the same pressure is present.

Monday, 17 June 2013

A Conscious Astral Projection

After such a long time I have finally managed a conscious astral projection. I have been trying the past two days and have discovered the hindrance 'trying'. As the wise Yoda once said "Do or do not; there is no try." It seems I was constantly trying to relax, trying to let go when really the body naturally relaxes - it is the body itself that goes through the sleep process. I got up around 5am, walked about a little had a UT drink which was clearer tasting. I took my gold chain off thinking this might be stopping me. Back in bed I was getting ready and just trying to relax.

The duvet was too hot and heavy, got a light sheet and keeping my body still I concentrated on breathing etc. My body was too stiff so I let go and let the body find it's own natural comfortable posture. The posture it turned to was embryonic. I did some serious letting go, and felt instantly sleepy at the same time I focused the mind or awareness on the shift of the physical body. Eventually it got to a point where body had entered a light sleep state. The mouth kept opening which was annoying, somehow controlled this and kept it closed. I think my nose was a bit stuffy or something blocking my breathing through there so the mouth on auto was opening. Soon I felt something going on in the ears - a tremor like vibration but not quite, like some horrible sound was about to be produced and I was cringing.

I just let go knowing that I was about to project consciousness away from the physical body, it's been a long time I wasn't about to ruin it. There was that familiar rotating out (clockwise), although there was something different about the way I was moving - not sure what. I perceived myself moving downwards in the downstairs room, then through the living room. Then there was a blankness but the sensation of still moving. Soon I perceived a light brown armchair and figured I was at one of the neighbors house. The movement eventually slowed down and I was in a room looking out the window. Outside noticed a young woman, dark skin with brown hair. She seemed to be looking for me asking for help. At this point I returned.

Returning and registering the experience I wouldn't say I was excited, more relieved to be honest. I felt 'yay I can still do it... but it's kind of boring'. I guess I want to get to a stage where it was like in my Salvia experiences and I know those are truly advanced projections.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Need to Affirm Astral Intentions

Last night attempted AP. Relaxed and head started to rotate by the invisible energy. I observed and let it take over, somehow entered deep sleep. Later woke up around 11pm. Very alert at that time. Went online for a bit lazily in bed then tried to relax. Unfortunately no projection, barely even a dream. I think the issue is I'm not affirming my intentions. Need to be clear about this.

Friday, 14 June 2013

The Big Pretty Bird

A very vivid dream early this morning. I am in a big unfamiliar room. The window is large, maybe a patio window. It is slightly dark out but almost at the point of sunrise. Looking out there is a big bird, as we make eye contact it raises its wings. They look very pretty with colorful geometric patterns. It flies towards me and fear takes a grip, yet I stand and just observe. It reaches the corners of the curtains on the sides from the outside making it drop from inside, how unusual. I quickly realize its next step is to break through the window. I get out of the room only to return for a quick peep, the bird is nowhere in sight however I notice a round marking on the window. It looks like the bird pecked a hole. I stand still knowing it is nearby.

I have had a similar dream like this years ago, only it was an eagle - birds usually signify a great change in life especially when they try to break in and the amount of fear on my part simply symbolizes my fear of change. This time round I was not as afraid as I was in the eagle dream, perhaps next time I can be willing.

Friday, 7 June 2013

The Silent Watcher

Last night slept late exhausted conked out instantly. I have been sweating a lot past few days in sleep may be as a result of the weather change, exchanged duvet for something lighter - no sweating which may have helped me have a really relaxed sleep.

Before I write about last nights experience there was another experience on Sat 1st April. Early morning I had the perception someone was sitting to my right side on bed, communicating with me. Their form was changing. In the midst of this there was something magnetic swooshing about from out of the physical body which I was aware of, felt like another light yet solid body coming out of this physical body.

Eventually the form that was sitting beside me changed to the form of my sister and for a moment I thought it was my form. Sis was on holiday and due to arrive that afternoon, realizing this the form slowly disappeared but I was amazed and startled how solid and vivid the form looked. Perception dimmed and snapped out of the trance.

Last night or perhaps early morning  not sure what time, but it was still dark out at that time. In a scene a woman or a genderless looking person was kissing me innocently. The feel of it was very solid, suddenly the kiss became sensual and it was a little too real, again like in other experience I was startled. Then a face started to appear, almost looked drawn out. I had an experience similar to this in the past which is in a journal entry on this blog, can't find it right now. In the experience there were two faces of young men looking down at me whilst moving about and calling an elder over urgently. I was seeing them through closed eyelids, it was like they were on the ceiling looking down at me but at the same time they were a part of the closed eyelids coming through the flesh, very close.

This mornings face wasn't a familiar face, his eyes deep and penetrating. He remained absolutely still. I simply stared back not really trying to make sense from it just curious.

Can't recall what happened beyond this.

Another experience I had recently, felt like my body was having sexual intercourse and I was certain there was a couple somewhere and somehow my body had become an antenna where it picks up these motions and sensory perception. I am not entirely convinced but it seems to make sense since I have had experiences where I had found my awareness embedded in areas of other bodies.

Forehead pulsing something being done here.