Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Holy Congregation and the Guru

In the Sri Guru Granth Sahib there is mention of joining the holy congregation and to repeat the Lords name as a mantra in order to be saved.

Earlier today I got Salvia ready, hoping to understand something. I was in slight anguish because I ended a relationship but at the same time knowing what I have learnt with Salvia I was able to get over it soon and just channel my focus on more important matters whatever they were.

I put aside everything in my mind nothing could effect me in any way. Slowly chewing I got up and remembered my own power, with great confidence I moved about and told the beings present there, you know the ones that help fabricate these great dramas "Nice try!" I relaxed in bed hoping for a deep meditation.

Increasingly I started to get more into my real awareness where I notice the influence of the others around me. To them I say that I am going to now dictate what is to happen, I will send through commands. I'm telling these great beings hovering above me to listen to my commands.

Something switches and causes me to turn on youtube on the phone and listen to a sikh mantra "Wahe guru ji". Its something that I was listening to recently wanting to understand this religion. This was a different video where there was more words rather than a mantra. Suddenly above me and all around me was the consciousness of those Guru's that formed the Sikh religion.

These same energies are present in sikh sangats. These are the very same Saints mentioned the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. These great energies are present in all kinds of holy congregations, sikh, muslim, christian etc. It doesn't matter which religious group is calling forth these energies, wherever the call is made they are present. Even the Indian Tribes were familiar with these energies and were able to call them and a religious person will have visions of them in the context of their religion.

The whole purpose of the Wahe Guru Ji mantra is to calm and focus the mind and lose ones sense of self in deep meditation. I don't follow any religion yet here I am in my room as though there was a holy congregation. One of the energies (I call them energies for lack of a better name) gets in through the forehead and is present even now as I write this. I sensed it was going to be able to view my life through me. These aren't dead people or spirits as such. I got this deep sense there are actual real living priests that can get inside any body. Something kept making me try to search the particular youtube video of the Wahe Guru Ji mantra performed by a young man.

The Gurus that formed Sikhism were actually just one Guru. Whilst the bodies were all different and seemed as if the Guruship was passed on to a new individual the consciousness was always the same.

I have to just bear in mind now quite literally that I have something present with me, and I know something else has been with this body even prior to this incident.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Reality is Created VS Reality is Pre-ordained

Recently I started reading the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, a very long book with over 1000 pages, I've gotten to page 170 something. It is a very interesting read, I am trying to understand it, not to become a sikh but because I feel I have been led to this book. It's interesting because our lives are a series of events and if you have the time to trace back all those events you will see how everything was cleverly put together to determine some outcome which is your now, this present moment.

I had an interesting discussion with my sister who experienced a phenomena where she knew a certain incident was going to take place and it eventually did. I asked her if she felt that we created our reality or our reality is already set or preordained.

If we create reality then can we predict what will happen next or are we merely creating it with our feelings of what would happen next. I've dabbled a lot with Law of Attraction and I've attracted (deliberately consciously thinking experiences into my life), but could it be that me participating in manifestation is something that is just merely written as part of the great story that is my life.

The Sri Guru Granth Sahib has been a very intriguing read so far. It very much reads like a typical holy text book where there's a God you should be devoted to and worship to be saved. Often mentioned is that the Great Lord pre-ordained our lives that it is through the will of this great Lord that everything happens, he writes our destiny and it is through the will of this Lord that we awaken to it.

It is very interesting, a lot of it takes me back to my childhood. Once as a young girl at the age of 8 I was playing with my little toys, plastic animals. I'd give them names, an identity and I'd make up relationships between them. Staring out the window I would observe the world around me, from the tall buildings to the local parks that were visible. I'd look up at the sky and wonder 'Am I like my toys, is there someone who is playing with me the way I am playing with my toys'.

Fast forward to my teenage years when I had English lesson. There was some discussion about religion and God. One of the students, a very expressive outspoken girl announced she had no belief in God. Her reason was because if there was a God then why would he allow all this chaos, the poor starving people, so many wars and killings. Why would an all powerful God who could do anything allow so much dread in the world. Again I found myself looking beyond the window, in the open sky wondering if there was something that was playing us as though we were puppets.

The Sri Guru Granth Sahib states that everything is preordained by the Lord. A person can think that they are doing something and that is false because it is only the Lord that does the doing.

There's something about this book that is drawing my attention, some kind of clues in here.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Cartoon Screen

Wake and then back to sleep around 4 or 5am. There was a screen in front of me and I felt I was inside it, 3D and HD. All kinds of objects with cartoon effect. I remember seeing an elephant.

After a while felt awareness of the body sexual energy present.

Monday, 12 October 2015

All the Worlds a Play

So many thoughts since yesterdays salvia excursion. A lot is lost since so much occurred. I realized after yesterdays session I need to find someone I can rely on as I have the experience and try to document it. I also need a quiet environment, some seclusion is needed.

Luckily yesterday house was empty and I took the opportunity to explore with Salvia. Got my new batch, mostly whole dried leaves. Got the quidding started. One quid, probably a total of 4 or 5 leaves.

The taste was not so bitter. I thought about success because I had on my mind a particular person who has become successful. Then I saw the entire world around me come apart. Every component of my room was a part of an idea, something puts all this together and makes it all appear realistic, solid but everything is just an idea in the mind.

My friend was an idea in my mind. If I am in my room is my friend actually 8 miles away from me or is that distance a part of the idea? If someone enters my room did they actually enter the room or appear only because they are an idea in the mind? I saw everything as conjuring of the mind.

I saw not with my eyes but with understanding that everything was elaborately put together to give the feel or the illusion of it being real when in fact it is all just ideas. I started to see my own life, some of my own ventures that I appear to be participating in. Here in this state I can make it all highly successful, just a bunch of commands. I actually saw in that state that it all had to do with having a vibration of immense confidence. I was extremely confident but I saw that I needed to make certain others not add negative vibrations to this pool of energy that can conjure up the illusion of success.

Later on in the evening there was enough leaves for another quid. Something has changed dramatically and this smoothness of transitioning has become a lot easier. No liver pains.

I relaxed, lying down with phone light turned on. I look to my left and the play of shadow and light takes effect. Beings embedded all over my surrounding and wherever I look it seems I am the centre of attention. This is an interesting effect. I look above on the ceiling at a strip of shadow vibrating with beings on the edge making their appearance. A story line started to play out in my mind, I started to think how I could use this particular aspect in one scene.

Then what seemed to be like a story felt to be something that is actual. Once there was a time where all human beings had this sense of awareness, full understanding and wakefulness. I think that time is in every moment fluctuating between wakefulness and sleep. Something changed and cast the veil so that we don't see what I was witnessing at that moment. I wondered what it was that did it and the realization came that we did it, deliberately to ourselves but why? I kept asking that as the beings continued to pulsate. I started to recall The Ringing Cedars Series where there was some mention of this. Of course this story line already existed externally as if these books themselves were a part of the mind. The externally reality is a communication with the mind, the lessons, the teachings, the Truth it's all there.

That desire has become strong now to find someone.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Pure Hearted

The anger and hate I have been feeling past two weeks has been intense, never in my life have I felt so much hatred towards another person.

I desperately needed some perspective and Salvia is the one that helps me dispel any issues that arise, a great reminder and teacher.

I got my 10x extract out with a little bit of plain leaf on the base. I have stopped using the filters which I believe are made of aluminium and could be what causes the headaches.

1 hit, holding it for about 20 seconds. I felt some slight change but expected something more instant, thinking I needed more I took another hit. Burnt my thumb which is familiar and a signal from the powers that be that I had indeed taken enough and to stop being silly thinking I needed more.

I instantly remembered what I was, what this world is and death. I remember the dying and what it means to be dead.

Dead means to be alive and I was alive fully in my real power and strength. Why, I was so powerful that person who I identified as the cause of massive grief I have felt for the last two weeks could be annihilated with mere commands. It was too easy but in that state comes great understanding, this is the real true state and that part of mind that is curious and wants to understand came to the surface. This is what was understood, to be in that state is to be all powerful. This power source can be awakened in anyone, I'm cheating in some sense...or perhaps not.

While it can be awakened in anyone not everyone can attain it. It is blocked to us all and perhaps rightly so. It is especially blocked to the angry, that does not mean it's available to someone who is all loving.

To the pure hearted this flow of absolute supreme power is completely natural, it is not given or handed down. It is NATURAL!

As I sat down aware of recent behaviour on my part and the situation that caused anger to completely escalate within me, I felt it was abating.

I suddenly thought about my grandmother and wanted to have a conversation with her about death because I felt in that state that she was concerned about dying, like some kind of psychic awareness. I very much wanted to tell her that as death approaches she will notice it and have a feeling that it's coming. Death is nothing to be afraid of, in this death you will know everything. This is going to sound very strange, but I want to ask her if I can be present with her when she does sense it...

I didn't get the usual fluttering of the eyes, that doesn't seem to happen anymore. As I sit here that force or presence is playing with my head by making it sway, swirling in circular directions.