Thursday, 27 October 2016

Eye colour changing dream and dream interpretation

This morning had a series of some very vivid dreams. In this dream I am in front of a mirror and look very normal, I turn away and see that a lump has formed on left eyelid and start to break out in a rash (lumps of raised skin).

I get so fixated on these issues and can't believe the rate at which these abnormalities are appearing. Suddenly I notice my eyes are getting much lighter and turning hazel. I'm shocked by the sudden change. The left eye starts to close in a way that is fitting for a horror movie. I keep trying to force it open to see the changed eye colour and soon enough both eyes are closing.

After this I'm back in bed but not quite there's that phenomena of room shape shifting. I look to my right where a man is sitting at the opposite part of the room watching me as though he was there the whole time. He's communicating with me and I distinctly hear him calling me by my name during the time I start to panic and do that thing where I try to break free (out of the dream or other states that feel threatening).

When I broke free, back in the room take a moment to ponder this and just easily fall back asleep with more dreams commencing.

I then have another dream about sister panicking about a friend who is having a hard time and she is telling me it's so bad that her roof collapsed and that everything is falling apart.


The rash could indicate healing or detoxing issues.

Seeing eyes closing can mean a refusal to see or accept something or learn to trust that you can do something with eyes closed. It could also be an indication of needing more sleep. I think I probably fall under all these categories.

The sudden change in eye colour can indicate some kind of transformation or a difference in perspective.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Deep Astral Memory Loss

I kind of did the WBTB method last night, not intentionally just something that happens when I suffer from a bout of insomnia. Insomnia is something that hasn't happened a lot lately, in fact I have been sleeping so well hardly any interrupted sleep throughout the night.

Yesterday however I went to bed earlier and awoke just after midnight (I think it's actually having to empty bladder that has disrupted sleep in the past and one thing I'm doing is not drinking before bed).

Around 1am I had some iodine in water. About an hour later I had a concoction of vitamin b complex and vitamin b3 powders in a glass of water. To this I added some inositol and l-theanine. The niacin flushing kicked in around 20 minutes later when I began itching like a lunatic. I've read that the itchiness is due to blood vessels opening and because of this toxins and other things are carrying around more effectively causing a flushing.

Despite taking this concoction I was not able to go back to sleep mostly because I had a lot on my mind and as soon as I felt I was forcing myself to sleep decided to force myself to stay awake which strangely had the opposite effect of making my eyes droopy - so now I know how to trick myself to go back to sleep; by forcing myself to stay awake.

I suppose other insomniac sufferers can give this a try, stare at the ceiling and say "Do not fall asleep, keep your eyes open". Repeat this over and over again even when you feel like your eyes are closing, soon enough you won't be able to keep them open and give in to sweet sleep. In my case I entered a really deep state of mind. I definitely recall the floating up and other things started to take place which I have now completely forgotten. I also remember I kept telling myself that I will remember what is happening, almost embedding the memory so that it is unforgettable. However I can't recall it, maybe I should have told myself to forget the experience for a positive reverse effect. Or I need something that helps dream recall.

I haven't taken iodine for a long time, only reason I took it last night is because I know there's a virus going around, possibly the dreaded norovirus / stomach bug. I have been trying to consistently take this type of concoction but think that I will reserve it for these types of nights where sleep is a little difficult.