Tuesday, 30 December 2014

ssshhhhhh...or else I'll snap

I soaked maybe around 2 tablespoons of Salvia, chewed 1 tbsp. My hands started to shake which was strange never noticed this before almost like something was moving it. Then as usual those others were present, the quality feels different perhaps it's more accurate to say my understanding was greater. I was in a completely different state of mind. Absolute real raw awareness of everything. Going much deeper, greater heights than in previous salvia excursions.

I feel part of everything, but not I as a human being, you know the actual physical body felt to be a part of everything and the one perceived was a part of all that. There were great beings and I understood things about Jesus and in particular the story about his disciples fasting and parasites and more of his story, how he mentioned that the father and he was one. I had done a liver flush and got the sense something was connecting with my that action. There was no me, no 'I', nothing existed but what was material and the understanding of it all.

Incredibly deep in this state I had the urge to grab the phone in order to make a note of all that was taking place. Everything around me unraveling in it's truest form, which was unlimited. There were no boundaries to speak of in this experience, anything was possible, viable.  The physical was a form and there was no denying that it was changed, fluctuating between the ordinary, sadly common human limited state to this very real true unlimited state. I'm trying to describe this the best that I could without sounding like very commonly considered illuminated people of the past, without regurgitating the same words. One thing that can be absolutely agreed on, is that it is indescribable. So really I am left to the describable which came along with the understanding. Form can change into anything, in that moment the mind was cleansing so much data but in the process I saw how all the data was put together to create the great magnificent planet called earth and all the ideas of earth behind it. I wasn't thinking of earth, earth was no longer present. In the room I saw the data of the room put together piece by piece, and my here and now was a part of earth.

I grabbed my phone, deep in that state not having allowed a complete wiping away wanting to at least capture this much. Friend was messaging me right at the moment I turned on the screen, I could see the screen as it came about, the words were alive and pulsing, they were a group of beings as well as the profile photo to the left. Almost in slow motion as it came to, it was tempting me, insinuating that a friend was messaging but I saw right through it. I could feel beings around me, routing for me and this friend, they were controlling our encounters. There was no friend, it seemed without a doubt this other friend had no actual existence, completely based on ideas. I text back and the words feel highly suggestive, and I'm not just speaking of the incredibly annoying autotext on the phone. Friend was being a little bit cheeky yet I wanted to keep him alive, to make him real. The alternative was miserable, how could he not be real!? I have had this experience countless of times but I guess this one was a complete blow to my head. I responded to his message and told him what I was feeling, I had to be careful. Then I went on and told him that strangely he was a part of it all and everyone was routing for us. Naturally his question was who's everyone? 'Us'. Then another moment of understanding made me verbalize 'You and I are everyone'. Naturally anyone would be curious and would want to know from the beginning exactly what I was talking about. So I continued: You're part of all everyone.

He asked if I meant in the metaphysical sense? What a brilliant word to describe the state in which I found myself, I couldn't have used a better word, but whilst he meant it figuratively speaking suddenly I knew the literal meaning of metaphysical. They give us shape and form. Now I know what exactly is meant by Metaphysical and how convenient that it should be this word my friend uses. I seperate the word to Meta Physical so that it becomes two, I am still working out the meaning behind Meta. I am equating it to Hyper. A very active state of the physical where there is just the doing, the action of everything. I couldn't stay in the state too long trying to reemerge for my friends sake, perhaps more for my own, trying to make reality seem real like before. However I had to continue, just for the sake of note taking. It knows my every move, the moment I do something wrong it will snap something inside the body eliminating it. This thing which was so grand was keeping an eye literally all around me watching carefully every move. I wanted to tell my friend more things but I couldn't when I told him this he asked me what was stopping me. He, my so called friend was stopping me. I was waiting for that state to shut down, it was taking far too long. They induced all kinds of sensations. An hour or so later I fell asleep.

I had just done a liver flush on Sunday, I think the Salvia did something extra to the liver. This information might be a bit too much but only including here for future reference connecting Salvia with some of the health protocols I am on. My poop came out white the following day, mostly white. At the same moment something ballooned in my gallbladder and swooshed through some internal tubing.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

After Love Infusion

An hour after Liver Flushed Love Infusion I was so relaxed and not really waiting to go back to sleep just serene feeling.

So many things took place. I felt the near sensation of an astral projection and started to rotate out of the body. Then back in body, many things taking place. Too many things. I remember at some stage not sure about what was going on lifted my hand and stared at it, my fingers were half missing and the remaining parts were branching out. At first I thought my form was disappearing, that my body was slowly vanishing. Instead the form of my right hand was changing or mutating right before my eyes.

I understood something about what is perceived with ones senses, it takes place in one singular playing field. There's more to it but it's so difficult to describe.

The pressures were intense in the middle of the brows almost like something growing there. At some stage I became aware of my jaw wide open, I began seeing several beings wearing a dark brown robe and some others who looked different. It felt like they were waiting for me. They were all entering through my mouth and the familiar kundalini energetic sensations became pronounced.

I was a little wary and unsure of the brown robed beings, but then there was Love.

Liver Flushed Love Infusion

I've been planning for a while to do a liver flush. Yesterday felt right, with a very low appetite I started to sip the liver flush drink. Later in the evening I started to feel sick, in bed early slept it off. Awakening around sometime at 3am I needed to run to the toilet. I'm not going to get too graphic about this part. I saw a black kind of stone in the toilet bowl which is what must have been hanging out in either the liver or the gallbladder. I recall last night with sick feeling I had a disturbing hiccup was making weird strange sounds and burping a lot. Even felt movement in the liver itself.

After this I was relieved that this stuff came out. Walked downstairs for a little bit and as I headed back to my room I felt strangely light, there was something warming up. I felt absolute love and affection for my family who were all sleeping and wished happiness for them. The feeling started to grow all on it's own. I started to feel an indescribable radiating love. I felt like I was in love with the entire mankind.

This love is not single pointed conditional love. It has no boundaries flowing in all directions, completely senseless and limitless. It doesn't know the difference between Hitler or Mother Teresa. It started off just feeling warm and nice but growing rapidly, it's like a little particle that was growing, extending out and embraced the entire Universe.

It's not the love a man may have for a woman, or a person for another person, or even a mother's love for a child. This is just LOVE! PURE PURE PURE LOVE!

This is REAL, LOVE IS REAL, LOVE IS EVERYWHERE! There is not a single space where love cannot exist. LOVE IS PERMANENT, IMMORTAL ENDLESS EVER FLOWING and WE ARE FLOWING IN THE ENDLESS OCEAN OF LOVE. I don't think I am ever going to write anything more important, more valuable than this.

I can't seem to handle the weight of this love.

It's like there's too much love, such abundance of love. Mankind needs to wake up to it, this is too much for one person or even for a few. I can't absorb it all, my heart is too full!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Window Portal

I slept early last night, around at 8 or 9 making sure the room was darkened enough so neighbors light does not seep through blinds. Awakened a little after 3am where on the ceiling I witnessed the fluttering of dark shadowy being clusters. Could not sleep after this no matter what I did, I also did not feel bothered to get the day started early. I relaxed and practiced some deep breathing. Got the pillow to see if that helped (I haven't used a pillow for some years now). Finally relaxed body resting in a fetal position facing the left side. I was completely unprepared for what took place this morning.

Had a really scary dream, where I am in my living room and it's dark. Suddenly I see two boys walking by and noticed the window glass is broken. For some odd reason  I call out to the boys thinking they can help me. I am scared for my life at this point when I realize my mistake. I have a chair in my hands. In panic mode not sure whether to call the police or stay on guard for a potential attack as the boys are trying to break in.

Slowly from this dream I am alerted back to my actual bedroom where I think I am in a mild state of paralysis or just deeply relaxed. I continue to relax. Suddenly I see a young looking boy walk through the window and another person beside him. I am obviously afraid, but only slightly. Calmed down, they walk back through the window. Then a young man walks back in. I can see him clearly, he appears to be illuminated though the room is still dark. My fear is down. I'm more curious about this situation and stay calm almost as though I'm not even aware of his presence. He is directly looking at me and seems fully aware that I can see him. He takes a few steps forward approaching me. As he moves forward he looks across the room which stops him from proceeding forward. After a brief glance in my direction he walks back out.

At this point I begin to wonder whether someone else is in the room since the impression I got from this encounter that someone is likely to be there. Which would probably explain other stuff that has been occurring.

I opened my eyes realizing that throughout the encounter I was looking through my eyelids. The pressure was intense in between the brows almost like a balloon forming inside and magnetizing.

I have had many encounters and this blog is a testimony to all my strange happenings. This is a very new experience. The people coming through appeared as solid as I was, well formed and unlike any salvia entities or any others I've witnessed. This actually is kind of a great shock to what I'm accustomed to because if this really did happen it can mean several things.

One being, that there are people out there who can walk through windows and perhaps through any barriers. These were not some strange indescribable light beings, they were very ordinary looking human beings.

There are obviously many different explanation for this phenomena.

UPDATE 14/12/2014: I've experienced something before on Salvia which reminded me of this experience where rather than walking through walls or windows the Salvia beings/people were moving about inside my floor (not on top like moving pictures, but inside it as if there were some secret passages that only they knew about and can move in freely) looking very alive and with actual human forms. You can read about it here The Tour. It's interesting on Salvia I can let my guard down completely, no sense of fear is at all emitted. Just the general curiosity and intrigue at times. Fear seems to be present when these types of experience take place without the use of Salvia.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Brain Activity In Sleep

Last night as I tried to sleep neighbors hallway light seeping through window. Adjusted blind so room was almost pitch black. I relaxed with movements present, most were sensual. Sexual energy was definitely high but I was completely nonreactive to it. There were a few moments of being startled with head jerking in several directions. I get this sense that as I relax there is some activity going on in the brain but it feels like there are others inducing it, almost can feel like being possessed.

This time relaxing rather than sleep I kept myself alert to any changes, however sleep was beckoning and I almost gave in only to be alerted to a sound produced inside the brain like a tv channel white noise type of sound. It was much like this:

It reminded me of a particular experience and another experience that helped form some of my thoughts and impressions regarding it.

I will attempt to observe this each time I try to relax for sleep, making sure that the room is pitch black and also retiring to bed a bit earlier.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Plain Leaf Smoking

After last experience, an hour or so later I loaded pipe with plain leaf to see how different it is to the extract. It was faster and very much like the earlier experiences. Body taking on a rubbery toy like appearance. I got this undeniable feeling that my family members around me knew my this state, it's like as I am aware in this state I notice how aware they really are. Sensing the real side of others.

I turn off the light and get in bed. Relaxed the beings in the body are scrambling about. Clusters composing different parts. I get this impression they think or assume that I am sleeping. A while later I open eyes and then close and start to feel sleepy.

Waking up this morning no major liver pain. I did however have some incredible dreams, there was a lot of action and the theme was mostly to do with survival.

The copious amounts of urination that Salvia causes seems to be having a detoxifying effect. Need to drink more water.

Saturday, 6 December 2014


Small pinch of Salvia 10x extract smoked with plain leaf. Around 6ish pm. My intention, and I got everything prepared, was to smoke and then start meditating. Instead I ended the Salvia process rather quickly to write this up.

The shift occurs instantly, I have a much better coordination. Thought comes in as I transition. Why are my experiences differing from that of others? Why is it different? I ask as I try to ponder the difference I'm referring to. I'm thinking about others, I've separated myself to other living individuals. Why are their particular salvia experiences different, is it because I need to take higher strength? Something I'm pondering. Perhaps my notion that an extract shall catapult me into a completely different world is wrong. I am referring specifically to hallucinations. I recall in the early days taking it with others who have had what seemed like amazing dramatic experiences.

Here in this state I feel so natural and completely normal. This shift that happens, here there is a great level of understanding without even trying to understand. I get the answers before even asking the questions. This is how my questions are answered; they all become invalidated by this new perception.

I move about a little and the thought is there that other people currently, whilst I'm in this state others are not independent of my state but completely dependent. Others do not exist independent of this state. So as I sit here and write this post, and you read this remember that you are not independent, your existence is not independent of this state. Other people exist for me when I exist for them, I exist for others when they exist for me. Although here I am again facing the fact of your irrefutable non-existence.

The shift and remaining there felt more bridged, more complete. What makes it so that some people cannot tolerate these strengths to this degree where the body is equipped with complete and utter control. The communication I received was that the body is wired to handle it. In order to experiment with this I might be looking into getting a much higher strength.

Extract doesn't seem to be pulling me with the great force it can for other individuals. My experiences generally involve the other entities for lack of a better term. They remind me just how fabricated reality really is. A certain energy seems to be located in the right side very near reminding me of a particular incident I recently had and I realized they had orchestrated it.

I think with extract I have an expectation to see spectacular things. Strangely I did in the beginning like that time when I ripped reality open with my bare hands exposing a shimmering light but that was with chewing plain leaf. With extract I expect to be traveling to many worlds and universes. With extract I expect to see lady Salvia that most talk about. Instead I find myself in a state of mind from which I come out of simply thinking Oh... So that's what it is like to be normal...

I do need to start playing dead again, putting the body in a relaxed posture just after taking Salvia.

Touching computer keyboard index finger on right hand was tingling.