Saturday, 29 July 2017

Zero Point Energy Synchronicity

The other day I was watching a youtube video about energy and there was mention of zero point energy, I did not understand much about the zero point energy and forwarded that part of the video thinking I'll watch it next time to understand what it is.

Just yesterday I decided to watch a TV show Shut Eye recommended to me by my sister. I have not been interested in TV shows for a long time and only recently have been watching random shows. So far only Westworld and now Shut Eye are now shows I wouldn't mind watching.

Shut Eye is very interesting. The show is about a man who suffers a head injury only to start having hallucinations and hallucinations is a big interest right now. I had no idea that Shut Eye was about hallucinations and only wanted to just check it out only to end up watching all 10 episodes of the first season. In one episode one of the characters is explaining Zero Point Energy.

Dr White: "It's like Zero Point Energy."
Linda: "I don't know what that means."
Dr White: "It's a quantum mechanics concept. It suggests that thoughts can become matter. It also can explain intuition like the doors of perception that you were talking about."

There I was, pausing the video for a brief moment to understand what was happening. I was flabbergasted even though I've had bouts of extremely cool synchronicities in the past, this one was different.

I realized that I don't need google or even read any informational text. That reality itself is like one big massive search engine ready to bring into your experience whatever information you seek. Although I was not intentionally seeking more information on Zero Point Energy the youtube video seemed to have left some impression on my mind so as to bring it about in the outer reality.

I am intrigued by this and wonder what would happen if I ask intentionally for information and have the information come to me through reality.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Sensory Deprivation

After reading latest book find "Better Sight Without Glasses" by Harry Benjamin and experimenting with the palming I have come up with an idea to create a device that simply helps deprive sight.

I really liked practicing the palming exercise which was relaxing and can probably help with relieving stress as well as its intended effect which is to improve vision. The device I'll be making is similar to an eye mask only not exactly an eye mask. Eye masks tend to have a pressure around the eyes. My intention is to make something lightweight where it does not apply pressure on the eyes or even around the head. It has to almost feel as if there is nothing there.

Using palms to cover eyes is very comfortable as it is warm and gentle so the idea is something similar to that. Latex material to create this would be a more appropriate material (non toxic and closest feel to human hands) but that would be long. For now I'm creating a mock up version. I experimented this morning by placing palms around the eyes like two cups completely covering eyes. The effect was darkness behind closed eyelids but still some sense of light, then I put sheets to cover palms over eyes and this was darker. The material has to be both lightweight and opaque enough that no light seems to penetrate through it.

A talk by Oliver Sacks reveals that people with impaired vision or complete blindness have a higher tendency for hallucinations

The idea of meditation is to deprive the senses and throughout history it is mentioned in many spiritual texts and teachings. In some books about Jiddu Krishnamurti there is mention of how he would experiment with blindfolds around his eyes which I found interesting and never really considered doing so myself nor was it revealed what purpose he was trying to achieve by practicing this.

After reading a part of a chapter from the Better Eye Sight Without Glasses explaining how vision works I had my lightbulb moment that I needed to deprive my sight from all light. Why would I need to do this? In a recent salvia experience which I have not published (there are many I have not published until I get time to write it all out from my notes) something has been happening to my eyes during the Salvia trips and even after. I could simply do this at night time but the whole point is to practice it during day time to retain ordinary waking consciousness and keep all the mental faculties processing.

Throughout the day I have been getting sharp pains in right eye. Since then this book came to me maybe by some good fortune and I know that I have to be careful in my next trip not to open eyes. The cup around the eyes will keep them closed for a much deeper meditation, it's time that I actually stopped opened eye salvia trips. There's also the unknown element in that I don't know why but there's some reason why I have to do this but the fear of messing up my vision somehow by all the hallucinations is more than sufficient.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Synchronicity Day

"Synchronicity (German: Synchronizität) is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related."
I have not been all that aware of synchronicities for quite some time now except for today which was quite hard to miss. First only the other day I was reading through a newspaper and ended up in the astrology section where the following was applied to my star sign:

"Interaction and involvement with key others could enrich your life over coming weeks. The deepening of an association could be the beginning of a creative collaboration that proves very fruitful."

I very rarely read my horoscope but keeping an eye out for this.

I picked up a second hand book on Better Sight Without Glasses by Harry Benjamin. When I first picked up the book which was in a fair condition I thought I would only pay 50 pence for it. The book had caught my attention because it was about health, a topic I am interested in as much as I am in altered states of mind. The man working the stall asked for a pound. I pondered if I should buy it and asked the energy where my head nodded in the affirmative. I was almost ready to pay when approached by another gentleman striking a conversation with me.

For the longest time we were talking about stem cell and other health related topics. I'm not well versed in stem cell but my understanding now is that the idea is to inject cells which replaced damaged cells and causes a healing. There was also mention of Jesus and how he was able to heal people and all of what he was able to do may suggest all or most diseases have psychosomatic factors. He truly believed that all illnesses could be healed psychologically. 

But it is important to understand the actual causes of these diseased states and personally I feel there is more environmental causes than any other cause contributing to these illnesses. Our food is not of the highest quality (pesticide, gmo, agriculture damaging soil etc), our brains do not get enough oxygen due to urban living (think of all the deforestation), the majority of people live incredibly stressful lifestyles.

Synchronicity 1: He told me about his daughter a practicing doctor now wishing to get into Nueroscience a branch of science that has piqued my interest recently.

Synchronicity 2: Something has happened to my right eye since recent Salvia experiences, for this reason the book on eye sight has come at a convenient time. Maybe I really should practice the techniques in the book. I have already tried the palming and it was very relaxing, felt like I could meditate like this.

Synchronicity 3: He tells me about the history of transgenders something that I believe is occurring due to some kind of biological mutation and is increasing and will continue to do so at a rapid rate. We parted ways and I knew then he was a devout Christian when he said "God bless". When I was ready to purchase the second hand book another worker at the stall decided to charge me 50p. I got home and eventually began scanning through the book. 

I'm not sure how I knew this but deep down before I started reading I was sure that somehow this book was connected to the conversation I had with the man I met earlier even though it seemed unrelated. I didn't think much of this and eventually I decided to try one of the exercise from the book known as palming but the picture to illustrate the method was missing. 

I turned to google and did a search on Harry Benjamin, the author of the book "Better Sight Without Glasses". Google brought up results on a different Harry Benjamin. I clicked on wiki link on this other Harry Benjamin. This other Harry Benjamin just happens to be a German-American endocrinologist and sexologist, widely known for his clinical work with transsexualism. The connection that I was trying to make between the book and my earlier conversation was found without me intentionally looking for it.

I think reality consists of these synchronicities but we may not be aware or make the connection, however I'm sure connections can be made on a daily moment by moment basis.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality

 Right now, billions of neurons in your brain are working together to generate a conscious experience -- and not just any conscious experience, your experience of the world around you and of yourself within it. How does this happen? According to neuroscientist Anil Seth, we're all hallucinating all the time; when we agree about our hallucinations, we call it "reality." Join Seth for a delightfully disorienting talk that may leave you questioning the very nature of your existence.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Faith in God

I've had my fair share of encounters with God (with and without Salvia). I've never been convinced by my religious upbringing about the existence of God. I remember always saying I'll believe it when I see it, I cannot blindly accept anything. 

Even though my encounters with God on Salvia are compelling they eventually faded in the background due to so many distractions. However the experiences as they occure were so compelling that I just couldn't believe how everyone was giving God very little attention. This was the case in the duration of the experiences and thereafter. More importantly I wanted to understand why people were unable to perceive it. Why was I unable to perceive it unless taking certain stimulants and entheogen. Entheogen means "that which generates God/the divine in a person" so it seems indeed it will generate encounters with God.

For a long time, since Kundalini awakening my body has been doing a lot of the involuntary movements without my effort. These are usually light and can be controlled by me, however when I relax they can take over, not so much by force but a surrender of my will over these movements. The interesting thing is I can ask questions and get a yes or no answer. Recently these movements have transformed and seem to be the movement of another form of intelligence within my body, almost like something else is asserting it's will. I have had different types of encounters with God which I have categorized below.

The Big Friendly Giant

This was in my early salvia  experiences where I encountered God like being only did not call it God.
Salvia Illusions
Salvia Kundalini and the Genie

God of Love

This was a merging with God and I recall being at the brink of completely merging where I would lose all sense of my identity, I was being cradled with pure positive love energy that the experience could be compared with a mother lovingly cradling her baby. Pure rapture and joy, however thoughts of worldly existence had me back in my original state.

The All Encompassing God

This is when I perceived God everywhere. With a completely different perception I was looking at God directly. I had an instant knowing that this was God, master of existence and there was no doubt about this. My reaction was one of complete shame because of the current state of affairs around the world, war, destruction and the petty somewhat miserable monotonous lives people were living. Instantly I needed to put my intention forward, I like I was apologizing on behalf of the entire world. Asking for forgiveness that we were all caught up in our miserable lifestyles and I vowed to bring happy people, that all people will face God in joy. Again this is another Salvia experience.

God as Self

This is the type of God experience where one experiences God as ones own Self, meaning a complete merging. There are many people such as Sri Ramana Maharshi and Jiddu Krishnamurti that have spoken about this. Krishnamurti was careful actually not to discuss it and has even said that people create God, he made that very firm in one discussion. However in one of his poem he makes it clear that God is his own self and that he had lived countless of lives to arrive at that conclusion however this could be his beliefs prior to abandoning the society he was a part of. Krishnamurti also speaks of the mind, not the mind of an individual but a greater mind too vast to comprehend. It could be that this vast mind is how some would interpret as God.

Awareness of God in the Body

In my case this experience is very much like being possessed by an entity. This has been my most recent experience since last year. I experienced this type of God awakening with mj and red wine and music. The experiences themselves are convincing for the person that experiences it. However after it is over it makes a person question their own sanity. I've often found myself pondering if maybe I'm possessed by some kind of demon trying to conquer my mind and body. But if I have faith in that then why should my faith in God be any less. Now generally you might think if it is God, then God should be able to perform miracles through this body. Let's take Moses and Jesus as examples, they were able to perform miracles and so a great number of people followed them and because of these 2 individuals we now have one of the major religion that to this current day is still in existence.

However for me just being alive to bear witness to such a joyous being was a miracle. You become so humble in its presence that there is no denying you are in the midst of an extraordinary being. I believe that it was Rumi that had this type of experience, for him it was not a matter of the manifestation taking place in his body but that of Shamz.

The euphoria is what makes it convincing, and if you taste a little drop of it that alone is more than sufficient to last a lifetime. The euphoric aspect of the entire experience could be tied to the music and songs I listen to. However in those states I've listened to singing in foreign languages which also seemed to induce the feelings of euphoria. In fact the euphoria is also there when I don't listen to music. Only difference without the music is there is a sense of peace and calm euphoria whereas the music is more hyperactive euphoria. On the physical observation my eyes had transformed, my face had delicate expressions all uncontrolled by me, I believe that this was because of being relaxed as this is when it can assert more control over my bodily movements.

So after all these experiences of God what is my stance on the existence of God? Is God real or simply a figment of my imagination? Did God create us or is God simply a man made idea? My very sincere answer to that is "I really don't know".

Could this simply mean a lack of faith in God? I know only one thing of this, when I have those types of encounters and I feel that energy using my sense perceptions to observe my surrounding and join me in my experience there is no doubt that I am with God.