Sunday, 5 October 2014

Weird Aliens and Scary Goats

I woke up from sleep at around 2am. Could not sleep until some time after 4am. Had a feeling I was going to have some kind of incident as is the case with this kind of sleep wake back to sleep pattern.

I recall having very amorous dreams and then slightly awakened from those until closing eyes again relaxed I suddenly noticed a glass window above me more to my right. There was an unusual looking alien, I can't begin to describe it but like an alien with something unusual about it. My immediate feeling was one of fear or perhaps it was uncertainty with this sudden encounter. I felt like it was trying to come closer. I closed my eyes and opened them again hoping to wake up. I see the same window with a dark shadow lurking of some kind of creature. Repeat close eyes and open again. This time I could see it clearly, it seemed to be hanging upside down but staring at me. I thought it looked like a large goat, it moved it's mouth and seemed to be grinning. I was getting a sinister vibe from this creature. Closed eyes and open again, same creature only two of them. At this point I am trying my best to get out of this state, eyes closing opening was clearly not helping. Realizing escaping was going to be difficult, I toughened up. In the face of adversity one ought to laugh, so I did. My laughing voice sounded so different like it was coming from another being.

With a bit of struggle I came out of the state, exhausted went back to sleep with no follow up incidents that I could recall.

Interestingly when I did come out of the state, I was looking at a part of my raised table beside the bed, it's made of glass and there's a metal component that is visible and I stared at this point where I tried to see if I could create those same creatures as I managed to make a faint outline of the weird alien creature, trying to recreate the same scenes with these components. I feel that it's very likely, and it wouldn't be the first time.

It seems that these incidents are distortions of current physical reality, but one thought that has awakened with the use of Salvia overtime is that physical reality is a distortion of some other factor. Which would mean that everything that can be perceived has an underlying factor.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Salvia like incident with Hemi Sync

Painted 4 or 5 drops of lugols iodine on the heels of my feet. I then listened to Hemi sync opening the heart. Within 10 minutes I was relaxed looking above with eyes closed, it was dark yet I could see through my eyelids faint images of shelf and parts of the walls in my room. Things started to speed up from then and I saw silhouettes of the others in exactly the same way I had in my salvia trips. It was like they were splitting from my view. Prior to all this I was feeling intense sensation in the brain, focused mostly near forehead. A magnetic feel. After the others unraveled they seemed to be causing all manner of sensations in and around the body. The head movement felt even more urgent, so much that even as I write this the movements are present.

I have been supplementing for some days now. Mostly B-complex, Vitamin C, Selenium (L-selenomethionine) and magnesium which are co factors for iodine. My experience so far has been very intriguing, I have had very vivid dreams in the past which had stopped for some time.

As well as all this my diet in particular has changed to include lamb meat, chicken liver and fish. I will be supplementing with omega 3 oil soon. There are also some other nutrition that I have been researching and will slowly start on these.

I think something is definitely working out here. Whether my pineal gland is decalcifying or what I can't really say, but it seems something is happening with the combination of supplements I'm taking. I'm trying to experiment this without any expectations. For the time being I've been a bit apprehensive about taking the iodine internally, not sure I want to go through extreme detox so taking the slower path for now by painting on skin.