Friday, 30 August 2013

Latest Lucid Dreams

This morning I had several very fascinating lucid dreams. In one I recall I was in my house, I knew I was dreaming, felt things around me which was hazy at first. As I was near the garden door realized I should go outside but things were going blank. As I recalled what the garden looked like the image of it formed, somehow the memory of my physical existence was blending in that dream state but there were some major differences. Did not focus on these too much.

 I got up on the brick fenced up wall - looked very different yet I had a dejavu like experience - felt like I had been there in some reality - not physical reality that I'm aware of now.

I had to balance as I walked, there was a long cord, on this cord some ball with sharp points was transporting back and forth. First it looked cool and then I was aware it could be dangerous.

There was another incident where again I was in the kitchen. Wasps and other types of flies swarming around (in physical seeing a lot of wasps). A very unusual fluffy white bee looking insect was hovering around me - it got stuck  on my clothes. Afraid that it may sting me I slowly tried to take it off.

There was more but I think what's more important than the incidents is what I learned from them. For one, the images were taking shape from memory bank and there were intervals of blank darkness then the images of that reality would form. Even to feel sensations needed memory recognition, I remember at some point could not feel anything and had to ponder what it might feel like and then the sensations were felt as what I perceived from memory.

I feel this all applies to this physical reality. Lately I've been immersed in the Sutra Texts, understanding and learning through these things that had not even crossed my mind.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sleep Paralysis and a False Awakening

It's been a while since I last experienced Sleep paralysis, forgot how annoying it could be. In the morning around 7am I relaxed and dozed off. Suddenly unable to move. My legs were in an awkward position. Tried lifting hands and arms but it was difficult. Soon with some force rolled over and landed on the floor, I felt like I was dehydrated. Got up and all groggy tried to pour some water. Some moments later I woke up and realized that all that was just a false awakening.

Saturday, 24 August 2013


I have listening to holosync since 7th August 2013. Right now moved onto Dive followed by Immersion. Do not know how long I will last on this program.

I don't know if it is due to the program but I have had outbursts of creative moments, ideas flooding in my head. A few days later it just all fizzled and I feel more relaxed now.

11:11 Phenomena

I have been seeing the digits 11:11 on the phone time, computer time. Mostly digital. It has been happening a lot. My ears and body has been heating up, sweating like crazy. Small things making me jumpy. Eg. just today I stood near my garden door which was left slightly ajar, there was a squigeey squiky creak that made me jump. I feel like I'm being tested on my fear level.

'They're' up to something.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bird Teleportation

The other day I was at the park. Stayed there till very late. I was sat on the hill watching the sun set. As it got dim there were several birds flying about. Watched them trying to follow their every movement. Suddenly they would disappear in mid air. I did wonder maybe they were moving about so rapidly that I lost track of their movement so that it seemed as if they disappeared. Honestly I don't think that was the case. I was intrigued and continued observing the birds vanishing in thin air.

I have attempted teleportation a long time ago, it was like the next step up from astral projection. Having not mastered astral skills I left it, but I might consider trying again now that I see that the birds are doing it.