Monday, 30 May 2016

Lucid Dreams and Vitamin B Complex

Since my God Infused experiences (have yet to publish these) I am dreaming more vividly. Have been taking the B Complex for a while with high dose niacin which took some time to get to that level. Taking a high dose niacin without slowly getting the body used to small doses is a recipe for disaster.

I have been taking for a while but never had the dreams become so clear. It's also helping with insomnia issues in fact the best time for me to take it is when I awaken after 2am and struggle to fall back to sleep. The Niacin helps with relaxation.

This morning around 4am I had a lot of bubbly thoughts praising the One that I became aware of recently and slowly suddenly in the darkness of my closed eyelids and deeply relaxed I became aware of forming faces. There was a group of young men and women. Scanning all over I see one particular woman, her features seem similar to mine only she was a black woman. I got this sense that I'm her in some other lifetime. This individual seems really mad in the dream, she is staring opposite her at a man who has another woman beside him. She is really pissed off, the guy may have left her or something had gone wrong in the relationship.

I didn't take in too much of the story line as my awareness was completely focused on how real it all seemed. I'm dreaming a lot more and these dreams are getting even more clearer. Had a dream recently about a horse which I brought into the house, it was tamed but so tamed that it was behaving like a human. It would walk with front legs up.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Lucid Vivid Dream Concoctions

I have been taking iodine as a supplement for over a year now, and taking breaks from it now and then. Have found a way to have very vivid dreams and experiencing a higher degree of awareness of the sleep state.

Did this last night and had a lot of vivid dreaming going on and a moment where I was very much awake in a different state just can't recall it much.

The trick is 10 or 15 drops of lugols iodine in a glass of water drinking this slowly. Then 500g niacin (flushing type), B complex and vitamin b2, 1/2 teaspoon inositol in powder form diluted in water and then drink. I constantly wake up around 1am or some time after that. At least once every night I wake up after which sleeping is so difficult, this is the only thing helping me to get back to sleep faster as well as having a good night sleep and the added bonus seems to be these vivid dreams which is likely due to a combination of the iodine (this keeps a person alert which is why it is recommended to take earlier during the day) and the B vitamins giving vivid dreaming.

I'm hoping to get in tune with the dreaming and what I dream about. Hopefully will make notes upon waking up from the dreams.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Body Beings Breaking Through

Last night after waking up around 10pm (long nap) then around after midnight I had some iodine since I felt like had a bit of food poisoning issue. After this had vitamin b complex with niacin plus extra inositol.

Then within few minutes went to sleep. Straight away I was aware entering into that sleep state. Felt something on top of me. Sexual sensations and movement, something had pressed its head against my head and I got sudden glance of it staring at me. Sexual energy was high.

The entire episode was of a very sexual nature. I kept entering different scenes, like astral projection but more clearer than ever before. I recall seeing a window with curtains and tried to recall where my own window had been and I remembered in that state that I also had blinds and not curtains. My memory of this life here right now from the vantage point I am writing from seemed like a distant hazy dream. And even the new surrounding was unfamiliar. I felt like I was suffering from amnesia. I was constantly aware of other beings moving around, some to my left. They were aware of me. I felt something moving around the left side and watched it run in a flash. Focused my gaze and trying to eliminate it with my mind thinking it was not friendly.

A few times emerged back into my bedroom feeling pounding all around the body, felt like all those beings of the body that I usually encounter in deep meditation with Salvia were having sexual intercourse.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Beings of the Wall

I awakened around 1:30am and back to sleeping after 2am. At some point aware of the sensation of the third eye. Very magnetic then between interval of dreams I experienced something that felt so very real, where there was awareness of the left side of my wall and beings emerging out of them made out of the structure of the wall. It was like they were pretending to be the wall and in that state that I became aware of they moved about freely no longer representing or forming the wall.

A few times I was flung back and forth almost like I was a part of their group. They seemed young, childlike and absolutely free as well as playful. When I woke up I almost completely forgot this incident until I remembered it suddenly. I also remember there was quite a bit of communication going on, some kind of plot forming between the beings but cannot recall full details.

It seems more and more important to see nocturnal activity - if only I didn't have so many distractions I would focus on practicing. I'm going to try to constantly increase the magnetic sensation of the third eye during ordinary waking consciousness.

Morning Full Song In My Head

This morning I awakened around 4am, unusual things going on yesterday possibly due to extreme heatwave. I feel I'm being challenged in some ways. People that I've been trying to erase and move out of my life popping back in. So much influence and control need to be really strong so I'm not sucked back in. I do believe that some people have the ability to drain your energy.

The reason why I mention this is because I think the song in my head was a song being listened to by one of the person contacting me yesterday. At first the song seemed to be in his language but it took on a different style and accent that I was sure I was listening to something different. I also had the feeling that he was listening to it at the time and then there was that feeling of the body being used by a higher power tuning into different frequencies.

This is the same higher power I am communicating with, when I asked if song was coming from it my head nodded in the affirmative.

You know when you're sleeping it takes over and very rarely you get to catch it in action using the body in so many amazing ways.

Recent deep meditations making me want to write an explanation of the Bhagavad Gita (The Song of the Lord) but a remix version by writing it in a way that can be understood by the 21st Century modern day lay person. Because the time when the Bhagavad Gita came out was way different then todays day and age. In each age these teachings need to be explained and communicated in a different way so as to get through to current day people. I've discovered some very important things whilst reading Bhagavad Gita and going into deep meditation such as the evenness of the breath and how food and thoughts shape the personality and characteristic qualities of a person which the Bhagavad Gita refers to as a person's nature.

I don't see it as my responsibility to help people discover the things I am discovering in my own journey, however I feel very much inclined to do this. At the same time I'm noticing the distractions of ordinary living and this is the challenge. Already people trying to divert my attention.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Phantom Arm and Stab Attack

At my sisters for a few days. The pieces of fire wood have the faces, one being very detailed. Having some nightmares whilst there.

The other day went into her basement and started thinking that the only reason basements have a creepy vibe is because of all those horror movies.

Some of the dreams have been a bit sexual. This morning the nightmare was so realistic I heard myself shriek as I awakened. Before the nightmare I was in that sleep paralysis state, except my right arm felt like it was moving on it's own. I looked to see it only my arm was not there - just the sensation of arm moving. This phantom arm has been present in many other experiences. Sensations felt stronger this time and I was more alert, more awake.

I woke up, attempted to sleep again and then had the nightmare. The doorbell rang. I sensed someone next to me. Looked to the left to see a figure wearing white, then someone in front of me with knife slashing down into my abdomen. This is when I screamed and awakened and as I did looking all about me I saw the figure was converting into duvet and the knife was transforming back into the window screen above on the wall in front of me.

Is reality, dreams and nightmares based on transmorphism? Another word to describe it is transmogrify.

transmorphism: The evolution of one thing from another; the transformation of one thing into another.

transmogrify: To change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform. 

My feelings and energy has been pretty negative lately maybe this is reason for nightmares recently.