Saturday, 29 August 2015

Spectacular Northern Lights filmed over Iceland

I've been viewing this video

It gave me idea to do the salvia whilst watching it. Without Salvia I watched it and realized that these aren't just any lights, obviously because of how amazingly beautiful it all looks.

If you watch it carefully you will be able to witness the same beings I encounter in my Salvia sessions. I watched it without Salvia and noticed the play of light and shadows and colors and it all became very apparent to me.

I'm going to watch it whilst taking Salvia, will update shortly.

I wish I had more time to reveal it all, but it's a good thing I don't lest I get in trouble.

Here's what's said about Nothern Lights

"The Northern Lights are seen on Earth as spectacular splashes of colour in the night sky.
On Thursday experts say amateur star-gazers have the best chance in years of seeing them in all their glory.
The powerful rays can interfere with airline navigation systems, satellites and even NASA space crews - so they all had to be on high alert.
But if you're wondering what causes the night sky to glow, check out Leah's report to find out more..."

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Something big is going to happen on the 5th

My sister woke up around 2pm, a bit earlier I had been napping from feeling major fatigue.

She told me she had a spectacular vivid dream where she met my eldest sister's mother-in-law who had passed away from cancer some two years ago. In the dream she was wearing lilac, make up and looked very pretty, also a lot younger. She seemed cheerful and happy. My sister apologized for not going to see her, that life got in the way to which she replied that it was absolutely fine. She stated that the place she is in now, she is very happy there.

She then said "I'm here to tell you something very important. Something big is going to happen on the 5th, I can't tell you all the details. I don't know what month it will happen and I cannot tell you everything."

Sis obviously had a million questions but dream faded into another dream, however upon awakening from sleep she remembered it so vividly. Having told everyone we all began discussing what could happen and in what month. It was all so cryptic.