Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Dream Speed Thinking

Last night I had Vitamin B complex in water then went to bed surprisingly slept well in heatwave without any fan. I awoke around 3am then back to sleep. I became aware of being in a gliding vehicle in a tunnel type of path, there is a driver in this vehicle and I am accompanying him - there are people all around watching, they seem to be an audience but not viewing a stage, a kind of awareness each one has.

These scenes felt like being inside a computer game.

The vehicle is moving so fast the audience can't even witness the driver (I've had a dream similar to this will look for it later). The entire is like a rush to me, the passenger. Everyone is perplexed wondering how it is done, moving and being on that path without being witnessed.

In another scene instead of this vehicle there is a large hand moving up a mountain. It is dark but there are glowing almost artificial lights present. I am also another large hand and witnessing myself (inside the large hand?) falling. The other hand that is ahead of me drops down to my level and pulls me up to safety and we're both continuing to move.

After the dream I awoke and pondered what the dream meant. As I thought about it I started to think about creation and wondered about the breakthrough I made with what has been called God Realization or Self Realization. How does God know what will happen before everything happens?

The One who made this world and all creations is fast in thinking, at such a speed that nobody will be able to witness such thoughts except as manifestations in the world or dream or in the forms of miracles. So if God made the world and as is mentioned in the Bible that God made man in his image, then why do humans seem completely Godless, completely unlike a God?

Because human beings are not thinking at the same speed. Why aren't human beings thinking at the same speed? If you look at the society we as human beings partake in you will see the obstacles of everyday living and how this effects thinking. The mind is bombarded with conflicts and the many reactions from worldly affairs. Just think for a moment what kind of thought went into nature, take for example a tree. The roots and how it draws in water and nutrients to the growth of leaves and then fruits which contains a seed that will then recreate another tree. Science can break down the function and processes of a tree but it will take much more than analysis to figure out or understand the very nature of such a creation. It requires faster speed of thinking and human beings waste thought on a lot of unnecessary concerns with their thinking trapped in time.

When we can match that speed only then a human being can understand creation. This human being is free of internal conflict, completely free of fear has no concern about what to eat, what to wear and how to live. This human being is simply God working through a human vessel. The irony is that by these God like qualities we are what we are whether we are in conflict or living peacefully.

There are so many spiritual scriptures that state to quiet the mind, allow thoughts to dissolve I think it is only in this inner silence one understands their true nature.

The Bhagavad Gita, Holy Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib, Sufi teachings, Buddhism and no doubt more share teachings on how to form habits so that others may fall into their true state.