Saturday, 27 May 2017

Memory Enhancement for Unrecallable Memories

Awoke last night after 2am by 4 or 5 am back to bed. I relaxed and a few times was staring at my room with closed eyelids - very visible and clear. I did not move my head, still relaxed.

As I relaxed deeper I began hearing sexual moans from a woman, at first I was worried that the sounds were coming from me because I could also feel bodily sexual sensations. After this I entered different very vivid life like scenes and kept trying to memorise everything occurring.

When I woke up around 7:15am I had forgotten most of it.

I am playing around with memory, trying to enhance it with amino acids and other natural ways to improve memory such as trying to eliminate as much aluminium from my diet and life because this is one major heavy metal toxicity people suffer from. Aluminium toxicity is also linked with alzheimer's and possibly dementia, in short it seems to destroy memory receptors possibly if the heavy metal is stored in the brain.

Another thing that I have been looking into is a Faraday Cage around my bed for meditation and good sleep. Faraday cages are apparently able to block frequencies and emf so will need to give this a try to see if it can help. Most Faraday Cages are made of aluminium so will need to research the best way to build one.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Hearing Voices and Mind Scare Tactics

Relaxed 6ish am, passing airplane, right ear drum vibrating, blackboard scratching sensation making me hold onto myself tightly. Calmer. Hearing voices, mostly male and foreign languages. I remember Slavic languages, Russian, Chinese and other unfamiliar. Did not understand any of it. No English.

Few times was aware of room, chair with jacket and observed it looked more up in the air seemed like it could morph into body but trying to remember my room features stopped me from being afraid. Sleep Paralysis type of fear incidences could be pure imagination, our fear gives the power to channel imagination in fearful direction. I remember staring at chair with jacket hanging could have morphed into grim reaper or some other scary form. Why the fear? Possibly being in a space of unknowns and body goes into fight or flight mode.

The voices were a lot clearer than my past experiences, that blackboard scratching effect was incredibly strong but managed to overcome it. I have noticed this seems to be linked with the airplane sound.

Some might view this as a clairaudient experience. I think it could be linked with past memories and if we do have past lives something picked up from there. I have been thinking about memory and how this plays a role in our everyday living.

I did also think what I usually think when this happens, that the brain is an antenna and I simply tuned into a radio station which could be the people on the airplane speaking in foreign languages.

"Scientists, in recent years, are finding that the Earth's magnetic fields are far more significant than they previously thought. They now know that the human brain contains millions of tiny magnetic particles. These particles connect us to the Earths magnetic field in a powerful way as a human antenna. We are both transmitters and receivers of subtle energy, or consciousness; a timeless interconnectedness that somehow encompasses the very foundation of our life."


Saturday, 13 May 2017

Dreaming of a distant planet

This morning woke up from a very other world like dream. Prior to the dream had two dreams of a sexual nature. There are three characters. First character on the floor. A woman moves away talking. "You need to have more confidence. Move without fear" she goes onto show how it's done. She moves to the third character. Not quite a body but bone like form. The form is worried and asks "are you sending me to another planet?" There's a sense of panic in his voice. "No"  she picks him up without touching him and then says "I'm going to turn you into another planet" and propels him into the air.

As his body disintegrates and slowly turns into a planet moving away in the distance but still visible I am amazed and excited with how vivid the entire scene is. She then begins to narrate "in June 3045, around a hundred years ago" as if directly to me, then she mentions something about London. I tried to absorb her every word but unfortunately woke up.

Had my vitamin b complex, b6, NAC, plus l-theanine last night prior to bed, more l-theanine than usual and it is something that I took a break from for a while. I've also recently started taking Boron supplement which helps with calcification and remove flouride from the body and doing the iodine painting on skin. Also I do think it's possible that ovulation is connected to these types of dreams. The year might have been 1345, so recall is a little hazy there. I recall as I got excited with how vivid the experience was it I started to shift out of it and even knew that it was going to end because my excitement.

I wish to have these dreams everyday, extremely entertaining for someone like me who has a very short attention span in front of the telly.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

An Update of Current State of Affairs

I think an update is due since I've hardly posted anything recently although I've been saving drafts of dream events that I did not feel like publishing.

I have been writing for many years on this blog which began when I decided to migrate away from certain interests which included astral projection / obe and delve deeper into more meaningful things like 'who am I', 'what am I doing here', 'what is this world', 'who created it' and so on.

Did I mention that I had an encounter with God? I'm sure it's somewhere in one of my older posts. The several encounters I've had always pops up, deeply ingrained in my memory incidents that I will never forget.

I've never really believed in God although the idea was always appealing especially in times of crisis because the alternative is I am completely alone and helpless.

Just to debrief, my encounters with God occurred during taking stimulants and in altered states of awareness (usually at some point sleeping mode). The most profound encounter was when I had mj and another when I had red wine, both experiences were very similar. I've also read about euphoric experiences after taking such stimulants but nothing quite so similar. I recall plugging the ears and having some songs playing. It happened suddenly when a feeling so foreign yet so desirable started to slowly creep up on me. As the song began to play my body was part possessed, the movements were incredibly delicate, really soft and gentle, absolutely loving and delightful - not at all romantic.

With each song the feelings were amplifying. I had listened to these songs for a long time and only in that moment I understood where the inspiration came from and what it all meant. Each song was a communication to me, to all and it was all about love. Not romantic love, not even the kind of love one has friends or family but actual, real, true love. I felt something like this during a liver flush incident which Salvia played a part with (way back when I was trying to detox, liver flushing produced a very euphoric high which felt like a deep abiding love all over), but that was love that I was feeling externally and it was just as powerful.

This was inner love, and I'm sure I could have exploded if it were not for the other presence. I simply call it God because that is how I identified it as, the one that created me, the earth and all others.

My eyes were scanning the room at some point and God, Master, Lord, Universal Intelligence or whatever you want to call it was observing my room having no particular opinion about it just taking in everything. It's glance was soft and my entire experience was akin to devotion. This was actual devotional worshiping.

But here's the really unusual part, I wasn't being devotional or worshiping this presence, instead I was being worshiped and the other was devoting itself to me carrying all the messages of love. Love is big, huge it's no wonder why it's impregnated in almost all songs. I never really got a chance to express even an iota of the love expressed towards me because I had become complete putty in the presence of this other. The encounters were like a reunion.

At some point however, I felt some of the words were exactly what I would have wanted to say in return. Almost like reversing roles. In many religious text especially Guru Granth Sahib there is the role of the disciple and master or servant and the lord. This was very much like that.

This must have taken place several months ago and since then it has not faded from my mind and it has not happened again at least not with that intensity - I now generally just get a buzz or slightly tipsy from wine but that's about it.

Started reading Anastasia Ringing Cedars Series again, the books touches upon life, God and everything about a persons existence. I absolutely love these books and do believe most everything written in these books.

A very tiny part of me seems to be skeptical about the experience but a bigger part of me is convinced about my encounters and though they don't seem like enough and I should get more proof before I decide that I have not lost my sanity. I won't deny that there are other explanations other than that I had an encounter with the Creator of life.

One thing I cannot deny is the feeling that came about during the encounter. There is nothing like it with which I can compare it to nor do I recall ever feeling this way except during the liver flush. This feeling which I can only call love is central to peace, harmony and joy. This is absolutely what is lacking in everyone, it is this quality alone that could end all wars.

You can probably hallucinate gods, demons, angels and monsters but not love. I have been pondering for a while and this suspicion has been with me since my liver flush, that what blocks this feeling is a poisoned body. We currently live in a very poisoned world, pollution, climate change, deforestation and so much crap in our food. We're so busy carrying out so many meaningless task that we don't have time to question how and why we're here instead we are constantly trying to just survive.

So what I am currently focused on is healing of the body and mind and trying to put my theory to the test. I'm hoping to do another detox soon and I'll be playing around with nutrition.

There's also a phenomena I want to learn more about where I could come out of a dream vision and be back in my room (happens during dream like state) and see that the dream vision is simply morphing back into my current reality. Only way I can explore this is by being more aware in my sleep state during dreaming and just as I am coming out of these dreams.