Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Astral OBE spinning into new surroundings

Woke up late last night trying my best to fall asleep a few hours later. Relaxing I noticed the movements of shadows. Going deeper I have that white geometric rippling effect appear once again. At some point was spinning and entering different places. There was no actual body movement, I still had the feeling of laying on my back only the surrounding around me was changing. I had viewed so many places, kept wondering where I was.

In one scene it's like a shopping mall, but not exactly. There were large pillars with some kind of ad printed on them. I was trying to memorize the logo to look it up upon return to normal waking consciousness.

 I have no idea what to call these experiences anymore, OBE and astral all seems the same although spinning is a classic OBE symptom. I can't recall getting out of the body.

The clarity of this experience is different and much clearer than past experiences.

At one point I remember I was in my bed only in some other place and I looked out to my right where there was an open door, several people passed by and one person I knew from here. She rolled her eyes with her usual rude attitude and closed the door. The others as they passed by seemed curious as to whether I'm awake and I think I was pretending to be unconscious or sleeping.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Bat Attack in Altered State

 Yesterday evening I had drank some red wine which is something I've never done and am only drinking dry red wine for it's digestive health benefits. When I went to bed and closed my eyes I saw the beings in shadow form moving around. The reason why I say I saw them in shadow form is because I feel these same beings can be seen in color and in other ways. Perhaps the shadowness has something to do with the clarity of this vision.

Because I have hardly ever drank any kind of alcoholic beverage I researched it and have noted that some people have experienced hallucinations after drinking a certain amount. I have probably drank around 2 or 3 units.

Last night after 3 am had a long duration of becoming aware of the sleep state. I saw my arms but I'm thinking they are very unlikely to be my physical arms, or maybe they are my physical arms and in that state it's more lighter, who knows? Could be total figment of my imagination which is difficult to conclude considering how realistic they appear. And if these are just my deep unconscious imagination at work then my conclusion would also have to be that reality is also imagined and I do feel this is the case.

There were so many episodes but can only report what I can recollect. The arms were once again light, floating and doing lots of circular movements and raising up etc.

At some point also felt an energy on top of me, body tingled. When the tingling got intense there was also the sense of something being present with me.

I recall rising up and spinning, felt a bit of vertigo. I also ended up finding my body rotated and I was looking at furniture from that angle.

Eventually after all the random incidents I somehow came back to physical awareness and still very relaxed closed eyes and went back in. This time I was looking through my closed eyelids and I can see my room but there were what I would call energies for lack of a better more descriptive term. Everything visible moving and fluctuating but no large shadow looking beings moving around. Suddenly gained more clarity and a bat flew in from the window heading in my direction right into my face with what seemed like the intention to attack me. I got scared, panicked and quickly opened eyes but strangely I can still feel the bat trying to attack me. Knowing that it must still be there I closed eyes and saw the bat was still there.

I grabbed the bat with those other arms and just yanked it to make it stop from attacking me. Suddenly the bat split into silhouette beings. One looked like it had angel wings, a bit like cupid. There were also other things like some kind of mythological creatures. It was a cluster of various beings. This wave of dark beings continued with full force reaching my head until I began feeling movement inside the brain.

All I could think was some kind of dark beings have taken over my brain completely enclosing it, and I couldn't help thinking this was some kind of negative thing going on but at the same time I just simply don't know.

The sensations were incredibly real and I felt what I can only describe as a brain orgasm. When I opened my eyes the sensations were still present for a while. Just before opening my eyes the white vibrating geometric patterns in a black background appeared. These started to have a ripple effect just like in recent experience from the other day Eyes Open and Closed OBE Trip.

I read up about the Bat totem and found that a bat signifies change that might be difficult, a death, ego death, rebirth and some other things.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Eyes Open and Closed OBE Trip

Same thing as the other night, seems to be a repeat pattern of sleeping early and then trying my best to go back to sleep. This time I had a mix of the b vitamins (niacin and b complex) and also some L-theanine.

I relaxed around 2ish am. As I relaxed my visualizations were very clear, seeing vivid random images in my minds eye (eyes closed).

Suddenly I became alert and aware of my room around me as though I had somehow kept my eyes open during sleep and was only conscious of it at that moment. I continued to relax, breathing changed until I was no longer breathing. I felt something very close to me, it would seem it had occupied my body. It was breathing in a sort of ruffling kind of manner which was quite intimidating only I decided to not fear it so much and just observe.

My head moved to the left and mouth opened and then closed. Then head back in original position. I'm laying on my back the entire time this is happening. Then I feel my legs raise up, light as a feather. The legs go back down. I felt like this procedure was being carried out to see how aware I was, maybe but not entirely sure. I did get the sense that this other presence, whatever, or whoever it was assumed I was not aware. It could be that maybe I am aware of these incidents but upon waking from sleep lose all memory of it, so these types of experiences could actually be happening every night.

Then I had the classic OBE symptoms take place. I started to glide to the right side of the room. Then spinning around and gliding to the other side. It was like the space around me had expanded or I had shrunk that the amount of time to move around seemed unreasonably long. I felt an adrenaline rush as I moved across because of the speed. Also was excited wondering where I'd end up as I haven't had an OBE / astral experience in a long time. My level of conscious awareness was impressive.

As my body reached more towards the window my body was still taking a long time. I felt I needed to do something or I would lose this awareness. My vision was fading so I decided to close my eyes and white vibrating geometric patterns in a black background appeared. After a moment of these ripples I opened my eyes and my awareness was the same level as it was during this short but rather long trip.

It was odd as the movement of the body was rapid meaning I was gliding and moving at what seemed like a rapid speed in what was actually a short distance but simultaneously seemed to take a very long time.

I'm curious about these states of mind and I haven't dabbled in OBEs / Astral Travels in a long time. The supplements I'm taking seem to be a key to these types of experiences.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Moonlight Wake Up Call and Body Possession

Exhausted and slept early yesterday. Just after 9:20 am I awakened with the moonlight glaring at me, very bright almost like a torch light shining directly in my eyes.

After this sleep was impossible and spent most of the night researching. Then by 3 am I attempted to go to sleep.

Soon enough I was waking up again, only this time my arms were moving on their own. I was looking around the room not sure about the arrangement. Soon enough my body was rising up and a few times sinking, I felt like I was being placed upright at one point. There was also some sexual arousal present.

It was like something else had taken possession and complete control over my body, if it was even my body. I thought at one point what if this is another person, another room similar to mine. I recall Robert Monroe having experiences similar to this, waking up in another life.

The arms had this unusual way of floating, elegantly and softly curling upwards and extremely lightweight.

A few times I was only able to control my arm movement slightly, towards the end I felt stuck in that state and tried to move out of it. Regaining control was difficult and took long until I snapped out.

This seems like a classic OBE.