Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Real Life Meeting With My Twin Flame Experience

I have mentioned on this blog around the same time last year about dreams connected with twin flame which you can read here and here

There was no doubt in the dream that it had left a massive impact on me. My love life has been pretty non existent although I have been dating in the last several years which has really helped me learn some very important life lessons.

I have recently met someone who so far really has remained a mystery yet I feel like I know him. It takes time for me to trust a person, it once took me a year just to date someone from online dating since that place is really scary and daunting. With this guy there is this ease, comfort and trust that I had instantly. I'm picking up on his various kinks which is happening rather subconsciously meaning doing stuff as if he sent to me through some kind of ESP connection.

I also have all the Twin Flames symptoms and it is mad because this is something I have heard about before but never thought could be true or that it would ever be applicable to me. It's interesting because this year has been a really turbulent year for me. Some have been positive changes but major releasing, a time of purging all that was perhaps holding me back. In his life he is also going through some transformation, major changes which took him a long time to get to. I also feel he is healing but is unleashing a dark side in the process.

One aspect of the Twin Flames connection is the transformation that comes when Twin Flames unite and this is pretty apparent in my case. I am already noticing. A part of me really second guessing that he could be my Twin Flame so this morning I asked God, Universe to give me answers, to let me know and understand if indeed I am dealing with my Twin Flame.

Lo and behold, he entered my dream this morning. I have had dreams about a partner before and incidentally I got a text message from both him and my assumed Twin Flame at the same time after waking up from the dream which is making me scratch my head. I will be sharing and hopefully decipher the dream in another post soon.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Pregnenolone and progesterone dreams

Lately I have been occupied with fixing my hormones which unfortunately has been out of whack for a few months now (menstrual migraines etc).

These two particular hormones are helping to recall dreams. I have read somewhere that even men can benefit from adding progesterone but not entirely sure about this.

Progesterone is causing a heightened sense of smell and I'm aware the same happens to women in their pregnancy which is because of the increase in progesterone.

My menstrual migraines have been so bad I end up sleeping a whole day at a time when it occurs, sometimes accompanied by nausea. I have even had out of body experiences during these bouts of sleep.

Recently dreamed about rats and in another dream I dreamed about spiders and mice running about. In reality I have seen two rats which was absolutely cringeworthy. Not a fan of rats. I dreamt of a white rat running about up and down the stairs whilst I am screaming. Suddenly it comes up to me and tries to bite my finger.

Other dreams are quite psychic. Dreamed about cleaning oven and nieces birthday cake, woke up completely forgetting until my sister told me she put oven on self clean mode and need to prepare for niece's birthday. Another dream about sister losing money, also came true. I really should start writing in a dream diary but is terribly time consuming.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Sleep Vs Dreams

Sleep has been a little tricky. Insomnia got really bad upon taking zinc, sticking to one a day. Now I have restarted iodine protocol and I am sleeping much better with significant improvement in sleep quality.

I am taking so many vitamins and minerals it is really hard to tell how everything is interacting with each other. For the time being may have to just stick with the iodine protocol and co factors. My dreams have changed dramatically. I am only recalling dreams with very little fragments. Recall is bad.

Dreaming isn't necessary but I miss having those fun entertaining, thriller dreams. I do not even care to have lucid dreams as long as I have those long vivid cinema worthy dreams, all is good.

Salvia Divinorum Defining Sexual Energy and The Way To Forgiveness

I chew the leaves afternoon. Heatwave.

The surroundings transform but only slightly, something in the brain has changed that my experiences are very different in quality. I would  not as visually as powerful as it has been previously except the insights are still powerful. In fact the insights are a lot stronger. Lots of knowings.

I am thinking on my abuser and what to do about my situation. Confrontation seems important at this time in my life and the opportunity is there. I am suddenly aware of why people have sex. An orgasm as an example, carries a great deal of information. It creates a blissful state but only lasts a moment. Another high. But so momentary, can only grasp for a moment.

The physical biological process is in alignment with an emotional process. When two people are procreating each partner is sending forth various energies, in thought patterns etc to create another living human being. There is something about this energy and I am now revisiting my first brush with the kundalini energy.

The sexual flow unlike anything I experienced my entire life. It wasn't like an arousal. I recall the voice, whose voice is it I still wonder. It told me to stay still and I listened. That was many years ago and only recently this year again the voice made it self audible in my ears. I'm not sure if it is the same exact voice but again it told me to stay still only this time warning me that my body will be destroyed perhaps due to damaged nervous system. I wrote about this here.

I think it's possible that during my abuse as a child I disassociated from my body. Probably the only way I was able to stay sane for at least a decade after the incident. From a more scientific perspective I remained unconscious but my brain continued to record the experience and then store it somewhere to revisit when necessary. Only in my teens did I get the flashback and it created a massive disturbance. When we ask for questions or ponder something our brain or mind looks for the answer, kind of like a personal google search engine.

I have done some reading on other people that were propelled into a kundalini awakening due to childhood trauma. During the sexual abuse as a child I think the person has left a part of something from his energetic field into mine and vice versa. Whilst his was given to me, mine was taken. I don't know if I'm even making any sense now but those who have been abused will say they feel as if something was taken from them. Innocence perhaps?

I know in my case the trauma paved the way for my future kundalini awakening.

I'm aware the entire time during this salvia session of all the energies around me. I am going into that same space where I always end up. That central part that I seem to refuse to accept - that I created my reality. I should take solace in the fact that I can then direct it in any way I like.

Unfortunately my mind is in such a state that I'm in victim mode, not a good place to give directions. I'm being told now to forgive, that for my own peace of mind I need to forgive. I have read about another woman and her kundalini awakening who had to relive a childhood trauma in order to release it and forgive her perpetrator.

I have decided to forgive and I confirm with the energies present at that moment I will forgive only if the perpetrator asks for forgiveness. I have also been thinking how I won't get a confession out of this person so I have set up something for him to say and if he has a hard time saying it then I'll know. I have already seen the many clues and signs throughout my life that confirms the rather unfortunate memory I buried a long time ago.

I'm actually shocked at myself that it has taken me 30 years to revolt and take action but it makes sense from the perspective of how much I have grown up from that frightened little girl to a mature woman who knows how to defend herself.

I hate reading about other people who talk about these trauma being some kind of way we repay our karmic debts or how it heightens our spiritually because as a victim I beg to ask the question Why? Why, God? Why put me through this shit? Then I read about other spiritual mumbo jumbo shit people spout about how we agreed to it and made a contract and so and so...Almost as if we are willing to tell ourselves anything just to feel good about ourselves.

I have clearly been angry but I know I cannot remain in anger for too long, it cripples me. I'm in that space now where I would like to move on. For the time being I am working on my memories to try to retrieve it fully.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Zinc Picolinate For Dreaming

I've recently started supplementing zinc picolinate 15mg, past two days increased this to 45mg dosage taking 1 tab daytime and the remainder two just an hour before bed. Had vivid dreams one day with one being very movie like but too short to relay anything interesting. The other dream was related to cousins which I've always attributed to healing and detox.

Cannot continue taking it at night time as it may be causing insomnia. Instead will stick to just one in the day.

I'll be starting tryptophan with B6 and see what this does for dreaming and dream recall. For a while now my sleep has really improved except I am not dreaming as much or just bad recall.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Updates on New Protocols and Practices

There are certain vitamins that I haven't been taking for a long time, however I will be starting on several supplements soon. Lots of crazy dreams to be expected. Currently my dream recall is not all that great but when I put effort to recall I can remember some things, I think recall is bad mostly because as soon as I open my eyes I have so much on my mind and just need to get on with the day.

I'm mostly adding supplements and other stuff to repair the body. I will also set a routine to help me sleep better, however I have been sleeping perfectly past few days.

Some supplements such as L tryptophan will hopefully help with sleep more and I'll be taking lots of various things for boosting mood. I'll disclose these more in detail and the effect they are having on my dreams as well as on my health. I've also restarted hemi sync practice and will post updates on these.

At the same time I am going through major life changes, there are posts that I've left in draft which I do not even want to publish because of the nature of the details I disclose. Having to revisit childhood trauma etc and how I am using Salvia to help deal with it. So far, it has been a really tough year.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Ketogenic Diet Dreams

Not sure if my recent vivid dreams could be related to keto. They have some interesting story lines.
However I have only been on this diet for a week. In particular there have been changes in intake of vitamin b complex. I am dreaming quite a lot. My understanding from evaluating past dreams is vivid dreams that are unusual or disturbing are related to parasite die offs. I am hoping with keto diet that one benefit I will get is parasite elimination. Mostly want to rebalance levels of Candida and improve gut flora and bacteria. Also I had no internet and WiFi for one night but still there are neighbours who have strong range of WiFi so am still exposed. I want to experiment using aluminium foil bedding net to see if I could eliminate EMF radiation, yes I am one of those people who would happily wear a tin foil hat and I'm a millenial.

I have looked up ketogenic diet and dreams with lots of hits that this diet increases vivid dreams. Then again I have always had some kind of weird dreams prior to keto diet. Another factor could be caffeine from a mascarpone dessert I am eating which has cocoa powder added to it. I have been pretty addicted to it and eating more than I should. I read a post online that suggested it could be caffeine digesting slowly with high fat keeping parts of the brain awake and alert during dream time. Sounds like an interesting experiment is in order, fortunately this dessert will be on the menu for a while.

The ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet.
The ketogenic diet is so far working out well for me although it has only been a week, I will be sure to note more changes in dreams as nutritional profile on this diet is clearly different to one on a diet with higher amounts of carb. My main reason why I started on this diet is that recently I have been a little concerned about having tumors, especially in the brain. More importantly we all carry cancer cells and in our lifetimes they are more likely to become exacerbated since they feed on sugar and some studies suggest that cancer thrives on a high carb diet.