Sunday, 29 January 2012


I just had to try Salvia last night - something nagging to take it.

I put maybe 3 extra leaves than usual. It was just after 10pm I started to chew. Changed my mind as I chewed about continuing with this session so I just chewed quicker and spat out and finished the rest just as quickly.

I really didn't expect much considering how little I chewed. As I relaxed the other components inside of the physical body emerging outside. As usual I'm around the physical atmosphere embedded in other scenes not very clear, some sexual events as well.

The computer monitor in my room clicked just like in Fridays session. Fortunately there was no interruption perhaps this allowed me to relax.

I am somewhere in the street now, there is an ambulance siren nearby approaching. I realize I am in someone who is dying or has had some kind of accident. Moving so fast now the external reality slowly dissipates and I emerge as another being who has woken up from a dream. It was more like exiting a game. Other souls are all around me and we are being summoned somewhere. As I got out I just couldn't believe it - that game we call life felt so real and I think I was addicted to it - so much that wherever we were headed I suddenly remembered the physical existence - the identity I had assumed and the people around me - they were of course not real, but I was holding on to it and I wanted to return to that life - that existence, out of curiosity.

It took some time, my eyes sight and everything slowly being put back together - in this session I went so much deeper than in any other trips with Salvia and yet I can only write so little about it.

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