Saturday, 28 January 2012

In the Blood

Started around 5am - fasted. House occupied.

Chewed less - just like last week friday.

Same person interrupts me again so much that I think this person somehow secretly knows what I'm up to and deliberately hampering my attempts to get deeper.

Computer monitor in room clicks.

Thought processes jumbled.
Relaxing the beings/ conscious awareness are all in the blood of the body. Suddenly despite the garbled thought process I am understanding the energy awakening in the blood and it seems so important - this energy in the blood that has awareness. Get that feeling where I am not allowed to know this or better put the brain somehow not allowed to hold that information in.

Understanding - plant consciousness is consumed. The salvia energy does not know me need to grow it myself and communicate with it before consuming. I felt like they were trying to understand me and it seemed whatever they had contained represented how and where it was grown and what people it was around at the time of its growth. Every plant has this ability but some have a greater ability than others. My understanding is that they absorb information from the rotations of the planets, sun, moon stars etc. I have intention to hopefully cultivate this plant in my garden this year.

Again realizing that the health of the physical body is up to these energy processes - not that they are in charge but they process everything.

I can see deeper in the brain beings that have huddled over creating the organ we call 'brain'.

I feel powerful at some stage knowing deeply that I am the master of my own destiny.

Spirit giants above looking down at physical me. Trying to get through - get in - now I understand how the Abraham-Hicks energy works.

Another understanding - for me to go there all physical senses have to end or shut down.

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