Monday, 16 January 2012

Recent Experiences

Over the past two weeks had a few experiences that I wasn't too busy to write about so here's a brief summary of each experience.

Dreams of Beings In Environmental Objects
Had maybe two of these dreams but right now I can recollect clearly one where I was in bed and the room around me is different yet still the same. Across the bed where I usually have a shelf standing there was a security type of camera that had formed from a black plastic bag. This camera moved around like a person - as though it were living. I knew they did this as the physical body slept - I was moving my arms around only they felt so light and were pitch black - not physical arms. With some force I point at the camera and shout 'Hey, you!' The camera was startled and eventually everything came back into place. I don't know why but I think I was slightly pissed about whatever was going on.

Nightmares and Teeth Grinding
Lately I have a several nightmares and I felt it could have been due to the H202 Therapy I have started, plus a himalayan lamp at my bedside to clear the air. One dream involved two people I know who had screws or large needles screwed into their bodies. I touch my body to discover that I too have these screws embedded in the flesh and I ponder how painful it will be if I try to take it out. One family member has informed me about my scary teeth grinding - I figure parasites are dying or there might be some magnesium deficiency.

Salvia Jealousy
Had a Salvia trip quid method where unfortunately two people in the house intruded on. Suddenly they started to scream but as I was going through with it external environment around me was in an ending process - unexisting. I got jealous when some of the beings were removing their attention from me and focusing on the others in the house. There was awareness of the bodily components living and actual beings - almost as though the physical body has another universe contained in it where an infinite number of others have existence which I am always aware of and should stop mentioning.

I started to stretch some of the 'others' away and got a little worried realizing that I am changing something within the physical make-up and it may not be good or desirable. Also aware that no matter what remedy I apply or how healthy I eat they seem to have control over disease and at the same time there are physical laws that apply - if one lives a healthy lifestyle his body and mind are also healthy and yet at the same time they have control. And in those sudden moments 'they' become 'I' and I realize in those extraodinary moments that I used my imagination to think up everything that I'm living in the moment - again awareness of this 'I' behind it all.

I fasted as well this day - fridays are my fasting days now and sometimes using Salvia at the end of the day.

Meditation Name Request
I lay down one afternoon to meditate - looking out the window at the sky allowing the mind to go rampant and observe as it gets worn out and the physical body relaxes. Going deeper sensations increasing and the others emerge in that inner vision but hazily. I felt them more than I was able to see them - actually the feeling was like seeing them. Each of them requesting my name not sure I want to disclose anything so I tell them I'm Nemo - a nobody I am nothing. Then slowly a woman with fancy clothing emerges in visual screen and I feel I am observing an actual physical living woman somewhere in the distance - in which time I'm not sure. I have meditated a few times and each time my body goes through this magnetic shock pulsing rhythm. I had the himalayan salt lamp at the time and felt those beings might be energy coming from it but not 100% sure - I did talk to it one time.

Todays dream
I woke up from one of those alarm dreams but not scary at all. I was at the edge of an icy mountain top and I can feel that I'm about to drop and death was impending. I quickly changed my thought pattern - maybe I'm not going to die, changed the idea to one where I fall down but land on my feet and it happens, then I imagine skating and I skate on the ice but the thought that my feet will get cold and frostbites but still I freely skate. Then I lose control of the imagining and dream takes shape on auto pilot yet the rest is hazy right now.

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