Monday, 16 January 2012

Health Talk

From last year I have gone to extensive measures improving my diet and it hasn't been easy but through trial and error I have found ways to make it easier. A lot of this I want to share here now and also update on my health and also how it benefits for things like astral projection, meditation etc. Here's a breakdown of what I've done in the last two years to get physically healthy.

Tried out different therapies/remedies to clean body of toxins - neti pot, urine therapy, herbal teas, blackstrap molasses, water therapy, oil pulling and maybe a few other things I can't recall right now.

Improved diet - went from carnivorous to vegetarian to vegan and then back to vegetarian and now I have gradually worked my way up to about a 70 to 80% high raw vegetarian diet.

Honestly I think keeping myself occupied on physical health I've neglected some other beneficial practices like meditation and need to slowly add this in my routine along with pranayama but there's so much time in a day that a person can fit everything in so I'm learning to do what comes to me slowly.

Gardening - transition to a raw diet has naturally turned me into an avid gardener, this makes up for some physical activity - interest has built up to permaculture. Another interesting phenomena that perhaps occurs with everyone who attempts to go raw is the desire to heal the Earth and I am all the time looking for new ways in which I can help to reduce my carbon footprint - obviously being on the computer right now isn't helping much but I'll find a solution for it soon and I have reduced the amount of computer time by ending previous business venture.

Physically I do feel healthier, and also a lot of old condition remedying perhaps through all the support I'm providing.

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